One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, EN Japanese Dining is part of a chain with restaurants in Singapore, China and Hong Kong. It specializes in Okinawa food, importing most of its ingredients from this area. Okinawa cuisine is a bit different from your usual Japanese due to historic ties of this region with China. For this reason, the food in EN is strongly influenced by Chinese cuisine.

Overall: EN is well designed and the food is fine, but too expensive compared to many other less flashy Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Not recommended if you are on a budget.
EN Japanese Dining
2/F Plaza Indonesia EX, Thamrin, Jakarta
Tel:+62 3199 0203

Plus, a new outlet has opened in Senayan City:

Crystal Lagoon, Senayan City, LG floor
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19, Senayan, Jakarta 10270
Tel: +6221 7278 1603

Website: Japanese Dining Jakarta or Japanese Food Jakarta
For more information about events and discounts, EN facebook group.

2 comments to '' EN Japanese Restaurant Dining Jakarta "

  1. This restaurant is great. the place is so cozy. the price might be a bit on top but i think it's acceptable since the menu are super good!

  2. try the honey bread, nothing beats the taste