E' Corner (Epicentrum Walk)

By Jakarta100bars

E' Corner is a restaurant and bar in Epicentrum Walk, with an interior design themed around the Earth and the 5 elements - wind, fire, water, etc... As always with themed restaurants, expect to pay a little extra for the atmosphere, even though the food remains average.
Opening Hours:
Weekday: 11am to 12am
Weekend: 11am to 2pm

E' Corner
Epicentrum Walk, GF, Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said
Jakarta Selatan
Indonesia, 12960

Email: ecorner@bestandbrightestcorp.com
Phone number: +6221 2994 1444 / 1555

Twitter: /ecornerjkt
Website: E'Corner Jakarta
The photos come from the restaurant's facebook group here.

3 comments to '' E' Corner (Epicentrum Walk) "

  1. I think it's important to mention that it's very expensive, more than the mall-beside-a-dirty-canal setting deserves.

  2. For what you get, and the location, it is ridiculously expensive!!
    Compare - Chilie's BBQ burger,home-made,fries,huge=75,000
    E-corner=130,000 !!
    Small beer bintang 40,000++
    Sanur, Bali on the beach,large beer bintang=20,000
    For people who have no idea about what good food or service entails - save you money and go to Loewy instead - for half the price!

  3. I just ate e`corner 200 gr Classic Australian Beef Burger served with fries last Sunday and it just cost me 88,000. They also had 25% discounts, it tasted SUPERB like i was expected a Beef Burger would be.
    They also had Live Band Performance (at that time was a band called LEGNA) to complete my Sunday night! So i guess it was all very worth it. ;)