BrewHouse Beer House (Senayan)

By Jakarta100bars

Concepts working well in Jakarta at the moment: 1) Feel-like-home lounges and restaurant with acoustic guitar 3 times a week, and 2) Beer Houses serving flavoured drinks from various countries.

Brewhouse bar & restaurant is in between the two concepts. First, it is a simple restaurant with OK taste, mainly some commonly popular dishes from all over the world. So far, not incredible.

The best part of the BrewHouse is actually the beer house: The bar area is a little tiny but it has an intimate feel. The owners wants you to get wild here if I believe that the stairs leading up to the central elevated table are an encouragement for people to dance on them. Music is Top 40, with acoustic live music from Wednesday to Saturday. It's not so original but it works well..

The bar has all kinds of different beers, but it is also brewing its own beer, some of them flavoured with fruits.
Opening hours:
From Sunday to Thursday 11am to 2am
From Friday to Saturday 11am to 3am

Happy hours everyday until 7pm.

BrewHouse Restaurant & Bar
Mall Senayan City, Lower Ground L99
Jl.Asia Afrika Lot 19 Jakarta Pusat

Tel: +62 21 - 97777677
Website: Beer House Jakarta BrewHouse
Events and promos: See its facebook profile here.

7 comments to '' BrewHouse Beer House (Senayan) "

  1. This is the worst bar I've been to

    almost all parts of this cafe is copycat from other place it could be their neighbors or if anyother places that they are quite famous and not long after that they will stole the concept and sell it in their place realy shame of it..

    for example whole concept of this place just is stolen from original Paulener munchen in GI
    and every of their menu is copycat from other places too

  2. this is from twitter @brewhouse

    brewhouse Scott Wise
    I really wish someone in Jakarta knew that @Brewhouse is in Indiana not Indonesia, quit using this damn handle for your rave club shout outs
    29 Aug Favorite Retweet Reply

  3. They really should not be called a "brewhouse", I have been there recently and the don't serve ANYthing other than Bintang or Heineken.
    Their beer brewing machine has been broken for months.
    Also they NEVER stock any of their other bottled beer on the menu. EVER.

  4. The thing about this place is that its all about selling beer and ... if you know what I mean

  5. ABG segmentized :) 55 for flavoured beer, 45k heineken, 80k for cocktail, 30-35k for snacks

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