Being an observant soul, I noticed an intriguing ad outside the Akmani, promising 'all the beer you can drink' for Rp 130,000 between 7pm and 10pm on a daily basis, so in we went last Thursday.

It's located on what they call the Podium level of the first floor, which is basically one floor up from ground. The place is very dark, but clean and paradoxically bright, - after all, bianca does mean white - and its furnishing and decor is extremely modernist.

The music, alas, is an echo of the metallic cacaphony one gets in certain down-market discos, but that's a matter of taste, though it's hard to have a conversation unless you're close-up to your compaion, which can of course be no bad thing!

The staff, the girls that is, are kitted out in short skirts, and those waitresses who served us were friendly and polite, and once they realised they had a beer-hog on their hands they kept it flowing very freely (San Miguel beer for the special offer)

It was far from crowded but midweek after all, and the clientele were a slightly unusual selection of people, e.g a trio of African businessmen with an unspeaking girl trailing around after them, a few loners who sat over their drinks at the bar, a bohemian couple who seemed mesmerised by the music, which droned on in complete inconsistency with the fashion show playing on the big screen tv. A couple of likely lasses drifted in mid-evening but it was not exactly a pick-up joint.
We took a seat in a far corner, the better to observe, It was too dark to read the glossy magazines provided but you don't come to a bar to read mags, do you?.

It was only towards the end of the evening that we discovered the actual terrace, which has very comfortable chairs outdoors, overlooking the main drag below, which in itself is a most entertaining spectacle at any time of day or night!

I wouldn't make it my local, but for a change from jaksa or Falatehan, it's an okay bar.

Terrazza Bianco in Akmani Hotel
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 91
Central Jakarta (DKI Jakarta) 13050, Indonesia
(0)21 3190 5335

Review by Ross McKay, author of ‘White Trash’ and "Jakarta Suckers", both books avalaible from

4 comments to '' Terrazza Bianco, Hotel Akmani (Jalan Wahid Hasyim) "

  1. First off, great blog, very informative. I have a few questions regarding
    Jakarta. I am planning to take a trip to Indonesia if plans go
    accordingly. I enjoy nightlife immensely, and like you, I enjoy "clubbing"
    rather than partying. Questions I have in regards to Jakarta.

    1) Accommodations : I don't plan on staying in 5 star hotels... Something
    cheap, but reliable and safe for my belongings. Any recommendations and
    what the price would be...
    2) Variety - In terms of music, is it just either House and Hip Hop? Or
    are there classified genres, such as Deep/Soulful House, Old-school hip hop
    etc... Will I find a nice variety of clubs there? Not much of a Top 40
    3) Safety - If I go with a friend, most likely I'll stay in Jakarta for a
    few nights, but how safe is it? I've been to Phuket, Bangkok, Malaysia,
    with friends and Hong Kong (solo). Is Jakarta a bit more "unstable"? I
    probably plan to stay on the South side anyways as you have mentioned...
    4) Day - From what I have read, there is little to do in the day time in
    Jakarta, which kind of disappointments me... Is this true?

  2. Hi Daniel... To answer your questions: 1) I usually go to the Ibis Hotel Arcadia when travelling to Jakarta which
    is one of the best value you can get... it costs around 40 to 50 dollars
    per nights... on the same street, or on the very nearby Jaksa street, you
    have a dozen of low to midrange options... Hotel Margot is correct and it
    must costs around 25 to 30 dollars now (was $20 five years ago)... some
    others cost as little as 5 dollars like the one in Memories Cafe...
    2) Variety exists but not to the extent you will find in Europe of
    course... It is mostly house/RNB but depending on the clubs, you will find
    some that are not so commercial and other that will play only top 40...
    good clubs at the moment are Domain, Immigrant, 365 Eco Bar, Blowfish and
    Dragonfly... Stadium has good music too if you like tribal/deep
    house/trance... you can check on jakarta100bars for special events
    especially international DJ performances
    3) For me the safety in Jakarta is not an issue.. 3 years there and I never
    had any problems nor any of my friends (except a few wallets stolen in
    clubs). There was two bombings but i don't think you can really protect
    yourself from it... North Jakarta has a bad reputation so there you may
    have a few minor annoyances like taxis trying to rip you off and that sort
    of things, but nothing too dangerous...
    4) There aren't so many things to do during the day indeed if you like
    conventional tourist attractions like museum and monuments... However, for
    a few days, i don't think you will get bored, especially if you're not
    alone... The best thing to do is probably just to walk around, talk to
    people, eat local food and enjoy the malls/spas that are everywhere in the

    Have fun in Jakarta!

  3. I live in tanjung priok north jakarta,i think all of jakarta's area are the same,its will be better if you accompanied with a local friend here in jakarta.

  4. I visited here a couple of weeks ago as I was staying in one of the nearby Ibis hotels. Bar was closed for a private party. Will not bother again.