Double Six Night Club Seminyak Bali (CLOSED)

By Tibs

Update October 2011: Double Six is now CLOSED.

Double Six Club, located in Seminyak, is one of the landmarks of Bali nightlife.

Huge nightclub with electronic music with an indoor area and an outdoor area, around a swimming pool (and with the possibility to do bungee jumping). It is a real clubbing venue, with usually a good DJ playing non-commercial tunes. The crowd is made of a mix of expats and less tourists than Kuta, plus dozens of Indonesia girls, most of them half hookers. Drugs are often proposed inside and outside the disco but it's really dangerous to try in Bali so I strongly advise against it.

Double Six is extremely uneven, with some absolutely extraordinary cool parties on some evenings and some very dull. The problem I think is that it is very big so unless there are over 200/300 clubbers, which is not so easy to have, it feels empty. The other thing with Double Six is that it doesn't get full until really late, 3 AM at least, sometimes 4 or 5, so you can never really know if it will be good or not until you wait a little. My advice is to go there only when they have special events, especially International DJs, or to try it around 4AM. If you find it boring, you can try La Vida Loca nearby in the same Double Six road or head to Kuta to Deejay Café, which is the only after in Bali to my knowledge..

The club is over 22 years old so it is no longer the happening place it used to be. Yet, I still consider it to attract the best DJs and to have one of the best sound systems in Bali's nightlife.

You can check for special events on Double Six facebook group here (from which I took the pics) or on its website http://www.doublesixclub.com/.
Double Six Club Seminyak
Blue Ocean Road, at the end of Jalan 66
Phone : +62 361 756666 or +62 361 733067
Fax: +62 361 745 4265
Contact: info@doublesixclub.com, dhanie@bali66.com, fadi@bali66.com

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1 comment to '' Double Six Night Club Seminyak Bali (CLOSED) "

  1. i will never ever come to that f*cking la vida loca club anymore.. that place really sukcs!! i finished my drink and suddenly a waitress came to me and say "if u dont buy drink just get the fuck out of this place because we sell drinks" (in indoonesian language).. and i was like "what the f*ck???" it was my first visit to that sick place and already got the worst impressions..:-( DON'T YOU GUYS EVER COME TO THAT F*CKING SICK PLACE!!!!!!!