Tropical Spa Panti Pijat

By Jakarta100bars

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  1. Wuih dah lama ga hunting. Skrg th 2011 dikit lagi mau puasa. Ada diskon ga? Skrg brp? Krim ke ok bos..

  2. Where is the exact location!? Is it in the Roxy Mas mall or outside of it on the streets!??? Please help mr! Thanks you!!

  3. my favorite spa. send me detail to my email my name KarryonO al4m

  4. I've found it, the above post from yesterday was me asking for directions. It's actually behind the main Roxy Mas ITC mall, need walk out the backdoor of the mall outside to the back parking lots & turn left on the first street, you'll see it as soon as u turn in, it's right at the end of the street, u won't miss it, it's a 3-4 storey building with a big Tropical Spa sign on the front wall of the building next to the entrance.
    The girls are above average!! I got there about 4:30pm & there were about 7-8 girls on the sofa on the 2nd floor. But more girls were coming in & out of the place, by the time I've finished my session about 6:30, there even more hotties there, either finished with customers or coming to work late.
    The price are 400k IDR including everything, u get 45mins in the room with the girl of ur choice, plus a free 45mins body massage afterwards by a pro massage therapist. Service was excellent! There's a hot spa downstairs but I didn't get time to try it. All the girls seems young, in there 20s, I had a 22 yr old from Java West, she had very light skin & was very cute & sexy!!! Tipped her 100K IDR, after the sex then in came an older lady in her 30s for the massage, the massage was awesome, one of the best I've had I've had after being to so many other massage parlors here in JKT!!! She ended me with a happy ending.... she gave me a bj & ler me fuck her too!!!! I also tipped her 100K IDR coz honestly, the massage was so good!!!
    I rate this 8/10!!!! Surprised there isn't much comment for this place on this page, I'd definitely go back again & again....

  5. Damage cost is 400.000..really???

  6. Was here several times more than one year ago. Good experience with the spa. Nice staffs there but difficult to communicate with them in English. Usually I only take the massage session becuase the service offered by the therapist is covering my demand like HJ, BBBJ or FS. One time I took the optinon with a freelance lady first and then the massage. Was Ok beside the freelance lady did not speak English. However could come twice once with the freelance lady. After she left the room and the massage therapist came she started the massage as usual and at the end the jerked me off with a nice HJ. All in all most of the times I left Tropical satisfied.

  7. After I got the massage, the girl ask me to having fun with her.... So delicious...

  8. Nocan 73 mantaaaapppss servicenya euy....

  9. This parlors comes in which part of jakarta? and pls suggest me the number of girl as well full job charges how much?


  10. Heads up, they close at 11. If you want any "fun" do it before then. Got there at 11:15 and it was a no-go.

  11. It cost 234k for VIP massage, and the massage is very good. The girl is slim and beyond average. but she told me it's finished after the normal massage. Then I ask for FJ, she told me it's another 500k without any discount even I negotiated for a while, then I finally agreed. She's so sexy with nice boobs, and it's very tight so I shot quickly, after I finish I saw its wet there, it's very good experience but higher price than the previous comments. When I ask how much for one night if she go to my hotel she said its 2500k, toooo expensive.

  12. Wow, talk about inflation....
    Are u a foreigner? I get the bule price where ever i go.

  13. So 500,000 Rp should cover a good time which includes FS plus full body massage with the possibility of additional sex ?

  14. Send me the price spa plus plus

  15. Awful. AWFUL. Really angry I wasted my time here but worst of all, got all but robbed.
    VIP room hire cost 243.
    Massage was actually good although girl coughed and sneezed through it all.
    Offered fucking, she got through it as quickly as she possibly could, then wanted tip of 400.
    I thought too much, but happy to pay it.
    Gave her 150 in cash, when I went downstairs to pay the balance, she made out I hadn't paid her.
    On top of all of it, was supposed to be 90 minutes but went only for 50. I didn't argue because it was a pleasure to get the fuck out of there, but I sure as hell gave it to them over the money.
    Furious with myself.

    1. I was going to head down there, as i don't live far from this place, but after your review, i'm having second thoughts.

  16. Guys - I went there today, and couldn't agree more with Pissed Off Britt. It sounds like my story, except that I did not F**k the girl. The girl did offer me a full service for 1/2 mill, but I didn't want it.
    First of all the girl that came to serve me didn't look as pretty as she was in pic. I think it was not her pic. Secondly, I did not use any service other than their SOP massage, but when I went downstairs to pay, they made a total of 450K. At the entrance, they say that VIP room is 180K, but its actually 180K+35% Tax = 243K. They added another 207 to my bill for I am not sure what.
    You have to be really careful as they try to rip you off if you don't speak their language.
    I will avoid next time.

  17. I will definitely avoid this place now.