Puri Sehat Massage Parlour

By Jakarta100bars
Puri Sehat is a small massage parlour located near Gunung Sahari, and 10 minutes from Pasar Baru and Mangga Dua. Rather cheap but I read a few complaints about the cleanliness and service. I would say that unless you leave very nearby, go to Delta Spa or My Place instead. Service plus plus provided but negociation needed.
Puri Sehat Spa and Massage
Jalan Kartini 24
Jakarta Pusat 10750

Tel: +62-21 628 4289

4 comments to '' Puri Sehat Massage Parlour "

  1. you can get a package deal for plus plus, just ask their manager or pr

  2. very recommended place...
    it is secured and protect your privacy..
    friendly staff...

    they have 2 special programs:
    - sexy dancer...(the dancers are the therapist)
    - hangout in the hot/cold pool with the therapist

    equip with 2 types of room:
    deluxe and vip...

    they also have all in packages for 480k (vip), 415 (deluxe)

    puri sehat spa is only one spa among many other spa under the TSM grup...

    which include:
    fashion hotel (hotel,karaoke,spa)
    paradise spa
    puri sehat spa
    griya sehat spa
    tematik hotel (hotel,spa,etc)
    and the newest one heaven spa

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