Puri Santi Spa Massage (for Girls and Guys)

By Jakarta100bars

Puri Santi is a "normal spa" with no special (sexual) services from the lady masseuses. Do not even try asking a girl for a plus-plus or you may be asked to leave.

In spite of that, Puri Santi is quite popular with expats, especially woman expats. If you are already in couple, you can ask for a couple massage, very expensive at around 150 USD but one of the most romantic massages you can get in Jakarta for two.

Services that you can get in Puri Santi include: Body Massage, scrubs, masks, bath therapies, facials, manicure, pedicure, hair salon and waxing. Some prices are quite high but other are ok, in particular all the massages.

Puri Santi Spa - Garden of Relaxation
Jalan Bunga Mawar 19
Cipete Selatan
Jakarta 12410

Phone: +62-21 766 24 23/ 766 2382
SMS: +62-21 93 25 79 23
email: reservation(at)purisanti.com

Open every day from 9am to 8pm (except on Idul Fitri and the next three days, plus January 1st)

Photos taken from the company's website: Puri Santi. It is well designed and there is a list of the prices.
You can also check their facebook page for more information about promotion and events.

2 comments to '' Puri Santi Spa Massage (for Girls and Guys) "

  1. Not recommended at all. Body massages are so-sol, very mechanical - you can get way better massaged in Jakarta's spas. Also had a hand and foot spa ... while foot spa was acceptable, hand spa was advertised as 1.5 hours and was only 1 hour treatment. Included hand and foot massage in both treatments was only 3 minutes to run in some lotion - very misleading treatment description ....

  2. I'd beg to differ. Went there with my wife (guilty trip of course) and took her there just to show what the spa business is all about. Booked the 4.5 hours VIP room. Were massaged next to each other in a dark ambiance and soft Sunda music.

    After massage, we were treated with mandi lulur and all sort of body scrubbing. Very nice. Felt lighter afterwards.

    SInce this is a VIP room, sauna and jacuzzi plus shower are all inside. Need not step out. Very interesting place and more interesting when the night is capped by shagging in the sauna