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Updated: October 2011: For more inforation about events in Jakarta, you should check my post about Ladies Nights in Jakarta.

For an updated article about nightlife in Jakarta in 2014, please visit this link: Jakarta Nightlife Update 2014

You might have seen on the side bar I started including an "upcoming events" widget, which I will update regularly with the best parties and events in Jakarta. If you know about events that should be included there, you can send them to me and I will add them. It doesn't have to be always related to bars/nightclubs, anything that makes you get up your chair is great!

When there isn't any special events, I advise you to check for these regular parties (please help me updating by adding some comments):

- Party on Monday Night in Jakarta: Which are the best places to go to?
BATS (which do not have a Ladies night) and CJs are usually two good places to have fun during the week because they are pretty much always crowded and happening, with live music every night.

If you don't mind going to North Jakarta: Stadium, Golden Crown, Club 36, Malio Club and Alexis should be full.

In Kemang, the clubs will be dead, but you may find a few souls in bars such as Eastern Promise, Beer Garden, Bremer, and Murphy's.

- Tuesday night regular events:
Tuesday night in Jakarta is also a quiet one. You can do just like a Monday, with one main difference:
MO Bar in Mandarin Oriental has a great Ladies' night, with a great crowd and music.

- Wednesday night out:
Wednesday is quite busy, as long as you go to the good places. For the ladies' nights, the best venues are the following:
Tribeca with Free entry all night lon and 50% off selected drinks from 6pm to 9pm
X2 with Free entrance and one free welcome drink all night long
Immigrant with Free entry for ladies all night long
Domain with Free entry all night long and 1 free drink voucher from 10pm to 12pm (can be used anytime on the same night)
The Venue with R n'B nights with free entrance for ladies (Rp40,000 for men)
There is a cool event for expats as well in Blu Martini (Marriott Hotel): Alpenstammtisch International (ASI) where you can eat German food for free!

Other popular venues may not have special events: Wednesday is usually great in Dragonfly, Blowfish (free entry for men and women) and Loewy for instance. You can also try the more recently-opened Union and Jackrabbit.

- Thursday parties:
Thursday is one of the best night out in Jakarta, because it is not as full as on the weekends. Most of the bars and clubs should be happening. Try the following parties:
Tempus (ex-Mistere): Salsa night
Red Square: Lingerie sexy show with dancers and models
Aphrodite: Ladies' night (Girls can drink for free from 8pm to 12pm)
Paulaner Brauhaus: Ladies night
Cazbar with Free flow lychee martini from 8pm to 11pm for Ladies
Fez with Free selected drinks (vodka, gin, bintang) from 6pm to 10pm for Ladies
De Hooi with 50% off selected drinks and cocktails starting 7pm for Ladies

Other places that should be full: SF Club, Hard Rock Cafe, 999, Tipsy, etc..

- Friday events:
Friday will be full everywhere. The most famous places can be way too packed in my opinion so usually, I use this opportunity to visit bars and clubs that aren't so famous or popular. You should also be careful with the traffic, because even at 11pm, some areas such as Kemang or Hayam Wuruk may still be clogged.

- Saturday night in Jakarta:
Everywhere is packed on a Saturday night, same with Fridays. Apart from the main venues, I think these venues can be quite fun:
Aphrodite with Free selected drinks for ladies from 10pm to 12pm
Tempus (ex-Mistere): Tango night

- Best bars/nightlcubs on Sundays
Sunday morning in Mille's: The best after in Jakarta, starting at 8am
Sunday afternoon in Stadium: A must-try, from 14h to 20h.

If you are courageous you can also go to the car-free day in Plaza Indonesia starting at 5am. Thousands of people are there every Sunday morning to enjoy Sudirman with their bikes or feet.

You may finish with a Sunday brunch: The best in Jakarta are in Shangri-La, Four Seasons, Dharmawangsa, Mulia and Ritz-Carlton.

I didn't mention anything about North Jakarta nightlife because the information is harder to get. I know that many venues including King Cross, Malioboro, Club 36, Hotel Alexis, V2, etc... have stripteases and nude/sexy dancers regularly, if not daily. These are the places to go to if you are after the hottest nightlife in Jakarta.

The beautiful pictures of indo girls laying on a bed are not mine, they are from Discomate. You can check his Flickr account here!

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  1. On Tuesday night I'd add the hotel bar in the Mandarin Oriental. Ladies night and it gets buzzin pretty good. I forget the name but it's on the 2nd floor - just walk up the stairs from the lobby and follow the music.

  2. You have a ladies night in Blu Martini on Wednesday.. not always crowded but chic.. for those who don't know the spot, it is in JW Marriott Hotel

  3. how about high end partying for New Years? for expats--good scene--and nice

  4. All the clubs that recommended in here are lousy mostly clubs who offers prostitutes or pervert bules looking only for young girls .. just pay attention to the pictures above! There are LOADS OF CULTURED BARS & CLUBS & LOUNGE in Jakarta with some more respectable and edgy , hip, subculture crowds in Kemang Area, SCBD area, and many more. For those who looking for real cool ambiance & high quality of music selection which are non cheesy disco music, you should definitely be more creative!!! - Jkt Woman -

  5. I am looking for Keroncong venues. Can anyone assist. Thanks

  6. where is best place for celebration new year 2013

  7. Best place for new year is Bali

  8. where is best for salsa dancing mon-friday.

  9. wow such hot looking ladies would'nt mind having some wild fun with any or all of them if i had the chance

  10. Hi all!
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    Thankyou, cheers! xx

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  12. shiet maeng i dont give a fine fuck about the music, subculture bullshit and all those artsy fancy music stuffs. all i wanna see is tities and pussiesss. Ya'all got any problem with dat? Ya bitches better suck mine!

  13. Lolled at the comment above. And agreed, screw hipstahs.