Pizza e Birra Restaurant

By The Jakarta Team

Pizza e Birra, owned by the Ismaya group, is re-inventing the wheel and proposes you an alcoholic version of Pizza Hut. The name is self-explanatory: Pizza e Birra has mostly pizzas (+ appetizers & soups) and beers (all kind, among which some fruit-flavoured) in its menu. The quality of the food is better than in any fast food but it’s far from being great cuisine. The beers, except for a few names are those that can be found in any other restaurant or bar. A good reason to go there is for the live music band on Friday and Saturday, and for the Beer Pong tournament that takes places once in a while. The big drawback is that of course, it is very expensive.

I’m always amazed to see with how much confidence the Ismaya Group manages to transform everything it touches into something funky & modern. I would never have bet that eating junk food with Bintang, in a Muslim country, could ever be seen a hot thing to do.

My opinion is that Pizza e Birra is a marketing concept that targets perfectly the young, urban Jakarta crowd. It is also a nice place for having an expensive snack after a movie, but there is way to much fuss about it.

The website looks nice but it’s difficult to access (slow to load): Pizza e Birra. You can try its facebook fanpage instead, from which I took the pic.

Pizza e Birra Plaza Indonesia
Lantai 5, Unit E 22
Jl. MH Thamrin

Pizza e Birra Setiabudi
Setiabudi Building
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said II

Open from 11AM to 11PM (1AM on weekends)

6 comments to '' Pizza e Birra Restaurant "

  1. Seru nih, disini lagi ada event pizza challenge...ada 3 menu baru yg dijual cm sebulan, gw uda nyobain yang "Meat&Potato Lovers" enakkkk... :9

  2. chicken wings nya (Y)(Y)

  3. I think the kitchen was great and the food was wonderful. The price is quite on the steep side, however, they do put lots of money on the decor.

    The huge turn off was the service. In Central Park Jakarta, you only get catered by stuck up waiter and waitress. I end up getting our own ketchup, our own chilli sauce, etc.

    We need to repeatedly ask the waiter/waitress to clean up the table cause it looks an absolute mess. By the time the dessert came the table looks like an absolute wreck! also they don't give us any fresh forks, spoons and plates.

    Won't come back anytime soon.

    PS: let's make it clear once and for all, at that time the restaurant weren't even full.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to improve our service and your input is highly appreciated. We care a great deal about our service and hope your next experience will be much better.

    Thank you.


  5. I was actually very pleased with this place! I come from Singapore, and other than that, I also regularly dine in BKK - but what i can say is for the quality, taste and price, Pizza E Birra beats them hands down. For locals, it may seem pricey... but for "Bule" like me, it's bloody cheap, and can only be more expensive elsewhere for all the things its good for. My friends and I had Tiramisu Dessert pizza, Mushroom Risotto, Salami Pizza, One of the pasta items... heavenly.

  6. Thank you Julian Wong..
    Really appreciate your compliments.
    We hope you'll continue to enjoy your favorite menu items during your next visit.