Highway To Elle Bar - Blok M

By The Jakarta Team

Randy Travis once sang that he'd 'read tell, the road to hell, was paved with good intentions.'

The Highway to Elle, by way of contrast, is replete with good inventions, like an all night Happy Hour (buy one, get one free) on Thursdays, that starts at 8pm and continues till...well, very late, but this writer's perceptions became unclear after about 11 o'clock on the night of April 1st.

An amnesiac state thereafter is mute testimony to one's enjoyment of a night-spot, and the Highway is enjoyable. Run by an Englishman, Darryl Patton, who is usually present and mingles sociably with the guests, whilst ensuring that the delightful barmaids keep the taps turned on, the place opened about three years ago.

It differs from some other Falatehan joints in that the search for new friends is not quite at the level of 'shooting fish in a barrel,' which can be found elsewhere in this short street. But neither does it resemble the nearby Sportsman's 'escorted ladies only' environment.
As the clock moves inexorably forward, there is a steady trickle of unattached females, which may not amount to tsunami dimensions but nevertheless would surely be described by my long-dead grammar school teacher as 'an adequate sufficiency.'

The management entertains its patrons with regular performances by the staff, who mount the low stage and dance - with more determination than flair, it must be said - but they are followed later by dancers imported from outwith the premises, who are not only more professional, in every sense, but much more provocative. These latter lasses have been known to seek one-to-one feedback from their audience once the gyrations end, flitting and flirting among the customers along the bar.

Darryl is a noted country and western song-writer and his CD music is on sale there. Billiards fans can indulge in their favourite pastime too.

Stationed between D's Place and the Sportsmans, the Highway to Elle is appropriately in between the styles of each of those bars. Libertines of the staider sort ( now there's an oxymoronic phrase!) can relax and have fun here.

Review by Ross McKay, author of ‘White Trash’ and "Jakarta Suckers", both books avalaible from morfinybooks@yahoo.ca.

Highway to Elle Bar & Club
Jalan Faletehan 1/14, BLOK M, South Jakarta
+(62) 21-7278-9967

5 comments to '' Highway To Elle Bar - Blok M "

  1. October 2010
    It seems that the bar is now owned by a German bloke - strange guy. Upstaris was a bit quiet and boring. Downstairs the bargirls are very nice and attentive. Nice to chat with them. Great place to have a few beers with friends or alone as the bargirls will keep chatting with you. Enjoyed the place.

  2. went there on friday after the no body here show in my bar.. the same case here too. no body was there.. atleast in my bar there was a live band playing solely for me as i was the only one present

  3. I went there last Friday. It was quieter than the other clubs on the strip but there were a small number of girls there.

    I entered and went up stairs. I was quickly approached by a waitress who took my order. But after that the attention stopped.

    The music was good and the noise level was low enough that one could have a decent conversation which I liked. But the girls just didn't seem switched on to the customers.

    I become so bored that I left before I was even half way finished my drink.

  4. After not visiting here for some time, Ive been lurking there more regularly and it seems to be experiencing a resurgence in popularity... freebie promos on most nights, a cool local band but not loud, and some fun and flirtatious dancers make it a lot of fun. Place is a bit tired though, needs an overhaul, but the girls and the atmosphere make up for that.. Good for warming up before launching into the late night!

  5. Highway To Elle Bar is now "Moon Rider". Looking at google maps it has been Moon Rider in since 2015'ish. A few dancers mixed in with freelancers. Not many customers at the moment so you get a lot of attention. Reasonably priced beer, and I received good service and enjoyed my time. I'll be back.