Cheers Restaurants & Bars are two expat hangouts with a focus on value for money and friendliness. They are not on the map of the usual party-goer because of their locations, but if you happen to be an expat living in those areas, you should drop by to enjoy decent food, fun atmosphere and live music on week-ends.

Facilities include free pool table and big screen TV with mostly sport on it. Quite many girls there too..
Cheers Café Cikarang
Lippo Cikarang
Jalan Galeria Singaraja B / 1
Bekasi 17550
Phone: +62-21 89908383

Cheers Karawaci
Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya
Taman Sari – Lippo Karawaci
Tangerang 15811
Phone: +62-21 5469169

Photos taken on Cheers Indonesia website.

5 comments to '' Cheers Sportsbar Karawaci & Cikarang "

  1. I've been in Cikarang for the past 4 weeks and since there are not many bars around that area I spent most of my freetime at Cheers.
    I can only think of positive things about that place: excellent food, good service, friendly people and fair prices. The staff really makes you feel welcome and they really take their slogan 'you come as a stranger and leave as a friend' very seriously! It's amazing how many different people you can meet there, expats too. I recommend Saturday night when there's live music and the place is packed. You will also find many girls there who are up for it if you're interested.

  2. I've been to cheers at karawaci, the place really dirty. And sometimes they mark up the price and also they play with your bills. This place is not recommended at all

  3. Been here with some korean friends. Place ok, but dirty! I saw roaches in toilet and under my table! They have changed the bar name to komodo cafe! And always look at your bills. We have drink 3 beers and they charged us for 4 beers! And i dont think this place are comfort! I saw so many black guys ( not niger) looks like bad guys hanging out there! I never get back to this shitty cafe! Better off to serpong

  4. SB Lee i think you drunk, because komodo is not like you said.... never said like that, i think komodo is beter place like my second home & i have much friend on there... so keep calm & to be a good guy SB LEE!!!!¡

  5. SB Lee.... I felt sorry about you as a Korean.....shame on other Korean friends behave as a highly dignity person... but you act like a stupid asshole.....most of Indonesian has a dark skin however they are friendly people.... Komodo is my second home and office....who the fuck do you think you are.....