Established in Indonesia since 1979, Amigos is a popular family restaurant, the first with Mexican food in Jakarta (now there is also Hacienda). It has two main targets, American expats who miss their tacos, and Indonesian middle class families eager to discover another continent's cuisine. Actually, we are seeing a lot more of these lately as expats are being spoiled with much better places to eat...

The food is junk food, but the atmosphere is friendly. If you want to eat quietly, don't go in the evening because they have live music which can be quite loud. Happy hour from 4pm to 7pm (50% off soft drinks, juices and beer).
 There are two branches:

Amigos Kemang (It is the one with the best reputation)
Jl. Kemang Selatan I
Tel: +62-21 719 2584
Open from 10am to 11.30pm (00.30am on Friday, 1am on Saturday, 11pm on Sunday)

Amigos Bellagio
Kawasan Mega Kuningan Ground Floor
Tel: +62-21 300 66 558
Open everyday from 10am to 12pm
Live music every Friday night.

Amigos Corporate Address
Pd. Pinang Center Blok C46-48
Jalan Ciputat Raya
Tel: +62-21 7591 5030

Website: Amigos Restaurant and Bar
Facebook fanpage (from which were taken the photos): Click here

10 comments to '' Amigos Restaurant (Tex-Mex) "

  1. Amigos is not serving Mexican food, it is an American brand selling junk food marketed as being from Mexico.. Big difference!

  2. I really must contradict Ericka's statement. I really like the food at Amigos. Being from the US myself, it's very reminiscent of the Tex-Mex I find at home. Everytime I walk in I feel like I'm back in a Cantina in California!

  3. I Love Amigos! Killer BBQ Ribs is very very very good! and don't forget to try Margarita. They have best margarita in town. For live music they have Reggae band every Wednesday (its very hard to find reggae music in jakarta). I would say "Recommended mexican Restaurant!"

  4. Best Mexican Restaurant in Jakarta is Hacienda @ Arcadia Plaza Senayan, in the same building as Red Square......

  5. The Best Margarita Ever in Town, Dont forget to try the Mexican Pizza

  6. Agreed with Grace! Yummm. I cannot get over Amigos nachos. I need my weekly fix of Amigos Nachos, Jalapeno Poppers and Margarita!
    I'm not sure why you rate it as junk food. Perhaps you want to redo your rating.

  7. I have to agree with Juan, Hacienda is by far the best mexican restaurant in Jakarta. I personally think Amigos is slightly overrated, the food is average. Nothing exceptional.

  8. I love Amigos! My family's been going there since I was a child and every time I came home from college I had to hit up an Amigos margarita and Baja burrito immediately. Now that I'm back here, I go about once every two weeks. Agreed with above, you may want to reconsider your rating, it's DEFINITELY not junk food!

  9. Amigos is good place to go, they have best Margarita which known EL GRANDE it

  10. I didnt go for a long time as someone noted it wasnt very good, but needing a mexican food fix, i finally gave in. the people that went were all suitably impressed with the food. not the greatest mexican food, but above average and great for a fix half a world away. can be goofy at times on how things are done there, but thats to be expected. on thursdays (?) do the wine tasting out on the main drag at the corner, then come straight down the side road for some very decent mex food.