Vino Embassy (Kemang)

By The Jakarta Team
Vino Embassy is a wine lounge in Kemang, by the Amor Group which also owns the Amor Club. A second lounge has recently opened in Dharmawangsa Square, following the success of this one.

Vino Embassy surfed on the wine trend a few years ago, providing amateurs with a design lounge and store. They rely on a quite big collection of over 1,000 bottles, among which a few collectibles.

The place is peaceful, with low chillout music during the day, but the music gets housy later in the evening. It's not my favourite wine lounge in Jakarta because I don't really like the setting which is too impersonal and cold. It is a good place for shopping though. Moreover, I'm still not used to the concept of drinking wine without eating and Vino Embassy doesn't have anything very tasty in its restaurant. I would not buy an expensive wine and have it with onion rolls.
Vino Embassy Kemang
Jl. Kemang Raya No.67, Jakarta 12730
Phone: +62-21 7191 333
Open from 9am to midnight
Website: Amor Group
There is a but it is an online wine store owned by Amor Group.
The picture comes from the review of Vino Embassy on

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