Markas Pool & Karaoke (Tanjung Duren)

By The Jakarta Team

Markas Pool and Café is a popular joint to play billiard , as well as other classic games in Tanjung Duren in West Jakarta. It is actually so popular that it may take a while before you start playing during the peak hours of the weekend. There is also a cozy café attached to it called Strawberry Café which is a good hangout spot among locals. Many people also come to look at the beautiful hostesses working there as SPG.

Billiard: For one hour, Rp. 24,000 during the week and Rp30,000 during weekends. 50% off before 6pm.
Karaoke: Rp50,000 for standard room, Rp120,000 for VVIP.

Markas Pool and Café
Jl Tanjung Duren Barat III No 1 Jakarta Barat
Phone : (62-21) 564 3373
(62-21) 564 3345

Opening hours: From Sunday to Thursday, Markas is open starting 1pm until 2am. On Friday and Saturday, it closes an hour later at 3am.

They have a very good website with a lot of information: Markas Café Jakarta (from which the photos where taken). You can also look at their facebook fanpage for the latest events here.

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  1. A temporary closed or permanent?
    or it is just moved to other location?

  2. ditutup kena azab mas

  3. buka lagi sekarang bray kmrn soft launching 21 juni 2014

  4. yg bener bray da buka lg?

  5. bro, disamping gedungnya ga bagus masa banyak pick up rombeng gt, ditempat lain bersih bro parkir luar dalem bisa