Bibliotheque (Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team

Bibliotheque, The Library bar, is an impressive and stylish venue, which made the buzz in Jakarta during the last semester of 2009. Not a great party place but ok for an (expensive) drink. It becomes much nicer in my opinion after 10pm as the formal atmosphere eases up a bit and the DJ kicks in.

Be careful, the dresscode is very strict: No short, no torn jeans, no sandals. Expect to pay around 400,000rp for a meal + wine if you decide to eat there.
Bibliotheque Bar & Restaurant Jakarta
Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower B, Ground Floor No. 8
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 45-46
Jakarta 12930, Indonesia

Contacts details:

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 11am – 1am
Friday – Saturday 11am – 3am
Closed on Sunday.

Thanks Martin for the photos of Biblioteque. He has more shots of Jakarta nightlife on his Flickr account here.

16 comments to '' Bibliotheque (Jakarta) "

  1. The food is not so expensive, compared to other posh venues...
    Paid around 20K/pax, including wine
    Indeed, good for restaurant and 1st drink.
    The ones who stay longer are often rich Chineses surrounded by gorgeous girls in the upper floor, but not open to public.


  2. Hi Jay, did you mean you paid Rp200,000/pax? I can't think of many wines in Bibliotheque's menu that costs less than Rp20k...

    I think Jakarta is really becoming an expensive city, because i remember a time when even in the nicest places 200,000 rupiah was a lot of money...



  3. I agree with you Stefan, unfortunately this is Jakarta !

  4. can you actually read books there or is it just for decoration?

  5. it's really a stupid question to ask whether you can read book there...!!? BTW, Rp. 200k is expensive? It's only around $20.

  6. 20 bucks is a lot of food in Jakarta...

  7. yes the books are real. unique selection of over 12000 titles.. and i dont remember seeing any "private" parties at the mezzanine floor. the women are gorgeous.. but the drinks are much more reasonably priced compared to other venues. as a comparison a bottle of grey goose vodka would cost you 1.4 mil when it costs 2.5 mil excluding mixers. no cover charge for the table reservations. and no hidden fees.

  8. nice review!
    thank you for sharing 0_0

  9. I don't see whether you're able to read a book there or not is a stupid question because some places do have it only for decor purpose. And don't convert it to dollars unless you're a tourist, because Rp. 200,000 is quite expensive but somehow getting more and more reasonable because it is Jakarta.

    1. seriously that's kinda stupid question because the books are only for decor ! how can someone think there'll be visitors willing to read books while having meals or refreshments? haha, well nothing's impossible, but kinda nonsense. cheers.

  10. no food provided...just drinks and peanuts :) nice place unfortunately lack of quiet for such a nice place...a lot of awesome guest ( read women )..price ehm...a bit expensive compare to immigrant,potato,loweys..a bottle of macallen 12 cost more than 2 , while in those place ranging from 1,6 mio to 1,9.

  11. Tried this out last night. Before 10pm is very formal but after is very nice for relaxing chilled out drinks. Very good if you want a bar that you can actually have a conversation in.

    Prices are fairly high, 90k for a cocktail. But the food prices were good value.

    Staff are very friendly and in high supply like most places in Jakarta.

    All in all, I would visit again.

  12. They have a new decorate
    And still with happy hour spirit and draft beer starting 4pm - 8pm
    Think they change from club become restaurant
    The price in Bibli hmmm quite expensive for the food
    But for the beverage i think still competitive with other place, but compare with same type like Bibli

    I agree Jakarta really expensive to have some drinks
    Maybe because of government tax


  13. I love Biblioteque. I am a younger expat and hate going to all the typical western places where you have high prices with a crap venue and service. Biblioteque has the most amazing decor of any bar in Jakarta, it really does look the nuts! The staff are brilliant, even their uniform is cool. It's justified to be expensive and actually its still cheaper than Eastern Promise or Murphys. People only really stay in the groups they came with, not a lot of mingling but have a look around as there are some very, VERY good looking girls in there on a Friday/Saturday. Indonesian Pretty, Not Bule pretty.

  14. The decoration was good, food was remarkable, everything is set up. Nice place, I liked the wine. This place is recommended. However, such this amazing place to hang out, the management doesn't subscribe a certain domain for email. Only use free email account from free website. It is ironical such relatively expensive place has no email domain. I found some so-called "nowhere amusement place" such as Indonesian coffee shop (warkop) has its own email address because it uses facebook or any social media.

  15. I ate a signature dish called tenderloin Rossini which is very good! 9/10! Grilled tenderloin with pan fried foie gras with truffle sauce and served with (a very yummy) potato au gratin. Paid 268k for the meal. Ordered a 60k mocktail and a bottle of equil 40k. So I guess I spend around 400k alone including tax. Nice place btw.