Kitchenette (Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team

Kitchenette is a restaurant and hang-out spot owned by the Ismaya Group (Dragonfly, Blowfish, Social House). Unsurprisingly, it is very crowded, mostly with Indonesians, and probably the busiest venue in Plaza Indonesia: Jakartans love that kind of concept, with as much attention paid to the marketing and design than to the food. Kitchenette looks cute and fun, and it seems designed to surprise clients from the moment they seat until they finish their meal. It is also great for people-watching as it it near the entrance of the mall.

I ate there a few times, but I took photos only once. I don't remember the name of the first dish (burger something) and the second one was a crêpe suzette. Both unexceptional, especially for the price, but neat presentation:
Overall, if you are a mall-addict, you will love Kitchenette, but if you don't, you may find you are paying a lot for the atmosphere and the novelty. The food is specialized in small french eateries such as crêpes and galettes. I am French so it would be unfair to compare it with what I get back home, but at least most of what i tried tasted good.
Opening Hours:
Everyday from 10am to 10am (12am on weekends)

Kitchenette Restaurant and Crêperie
Plaza Indonesia Extension Lantai 1
Jl. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Phone number: +62-21 2992 3580

Facebook group with info about events and promotion: Kitchenette

2 comments to '' Kitchenette (Jakarta) "

  1. Yes its a great people-watching venue :)

  2. Yes the decor and food is good but the service very amateur and most of the staff are more interested in each other than the customer