Kartika Massage Parlour Panti Pijat

By The Jakarta Team
Kartika Panti Pijat is a famous massage parlour, in the end of a dirty street, in Jakarta's naughty red light district. It gain a reputation for having soapy, body-to-body Thai massages, that can be performed by one or two girls.

Similar venues include Berlian and Halomas.
Kartika Jakarta (150 meters from Stadium when going North)
Hayam Wuruk #114
Taman Sari, Jakarta Barat
Indonesia 11160

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  1. Three thumbs up - 'nuff said!

  2. Body massage by 2 ladies...
    But I don't really recommend this place.
    Berlian on the same street is better

  3. its? where the location? its in mangga besar?how the charges?all in ++? tq

  4. how far from hotel sparks ?

  5. next to suisse bakery sir. 10 mins leisurely walk from Sparks. But why oh why stay at Sparks...not exactly the best priced or quality hotel in the area.

  6. so any good hotels u can recommend in that area?please attached contact number or email that hotel..TQ

  7. Check http://www.jakarta100bars.com/2010/01/preparing-party-weekend-in-jakarta-part.html for some names...

    You should say what your budget is...

  8. how much for net price including all services?

  9. Went there a few nights ago (Feb. 2011). Road is a dump and there are 3 massage establishments at the end.
    Kartika looks like nothing from the outside, and it's pretty tacky on the inside, but the girls are friendly. No English spoken, but they welcome you nicely. I was offered the choice of 2 girls immediately. I took one. I wish I'd taken my time a bit more because there were prettier girls on the sofas. My girl was good though and did an excellent 'Soapy' massage, followed (after a shower) by an all-over tongue bath, then oral, and finally full sex. She was very enthusiastic and cheerful. Very good service, and the tightest pussy I've had for a long time. Well worth the IDR350,000 (€30) she cost - that covered everything including condom. She wouldn't accept any tip, and I didn't negotiate. The rooms upstairs are tacky, but the girls are very clean.
    It's a bit hard to find, but it's near Sparks hotel.
    If you go, take your time to pick the right girl(s) - don't get rushed into taking what Mammasan offers.

  10. So I've just finished my first try at Kartika on 28 february 2011 at 9:44:07 PM. It looks like nothing and the room was very modest, rather old as well.

    The service wasn't something you see on porn vids, or high end thai nuru massages, it's somewhat modest, for the lack of better words.

    But the girls are friendly and pretty chatty if you know bahasa indonesia. They mostly came from central java, unlike most chickens coming from west java.

    Spent 300K for the girl and room, sex included. The tip was around 50 to 100K if you're that satisfied.

    Personally, I'll give this experience a 7 on a 0-10 scale

  11. My first visit on 3 March 2011. Kartika locate at the end of a narror road. Saw Berlian on the same row. Small signage and with tinted door. Arrived around 1:00pm, still early and only a few girls. Choose a younger girl and was told the charges is IRD300K. Girl lead you to 2nd floor. Room with bath tub. Once inside, we are down in birthday suit, start with soapy massage, bath, cat bath, cap+bj and full service. No English but with my passable Bahasa, we manage to communicate She from central Java and age 24. Paid her IRD300K with IRD50K tips but she request IRD110K including cap. Paid her IRD410K and leave.

    Overall still a good experience.

  12. I went there at about 5pm when it's still light
    like everyone said it is located at the end of a narrow dirty road
    along the way there were several massage parlor
    before I reached Kartika a guy greeted me promoting similar service at the other place
    I got the B2B massage like the service in Thailand
    B2B include FS 300k, tip 50k
    a good experience, but I don't think I would go there again because I felt I gotta be in high caution since the narrow road associates with being ripped off, the place is also old
    But I highly recommend to give it at least one time try - it's an experience

  13. Open on fasting month ???

  14. It could be open but I don't advise you to visit small massage parlours during Ramadhan since they may get raided by the police (or worst, the FPI) more easily. Play it safe and go to all the spas located in hotels (usually more expensive though): To name a few similar to kartika (Body Massage): Orchardz Hotel, FM1 Boutique Hotel, Classic Hotel

  15. This was the first place I went to in Indonesia back in 1996. I visited it again about 2 months ago and it's EXACTLY the same - hardly changed at all in 15 years.

    OK prices and service for Jkt in my opinion, plus you can sit-down and have a few beers and chat with the girls if you have a bit of time to kill.

    And I wouldn't worry too much about the location, this small street looks a lot worse than it actually is.

  16. What is the best & cleanest massage parlour that have B2B massage (Nuru massage) near to Hotel Kristal in South Jakarta?

    Please advice ASAP.........

  17. Dasar malas,

    Get out and there and use your eyes - Jakarta is full ! of these places. Perhaps N Jkt more so than S Jkt, but there you go

  18. In response to Londo_edan.

    I visited Jakarta once before & I'm going to visit it again soon, in my first visit I was alone, very busy & also a can't speak bahasa.
    so there is nobody to till me or to guide me.

    My second visit will be at the same condition (alone, busy & unable to speak bahasa), I'll stay in south Jakarta for sure & I will not have enough time & I don't have any EXPERIENCE to search for a massage parlor, so if you (or anyone) know a very good & clean massage parlor have a BEAUTY girls that provide NURU massage, please till me about it & I'll go straight for it.


  19. Went there today.

    For an exact location, it is on the bottom right of a little alley on Jln Hayam Wuruk (which runs north-to-south, parallel to Jln Gaja Mada) about 30 meters south of Jln Mangga Besar Raya. There are two other similar places in the same alley (Berlian and Royal). All three are clealy sign-posted as soon as you enter the alley.

    Downstairs is a bar/waiting room with around a dozen or so girls. None of them are classic beauties or exactly svelte-like, but that isn't what you're there for. You can have a long-neck beer while you make your selection (R35,000). It certainly helps if you can speak a smattering of Indonesian, but then that isn't what you are there for either.

    The rate for their basic one-hour "special" is R350,000. You are led upstairs to a clean but basic room/shower with a large plastic-covered mattress. You strip and lie facedown and she strips too, before thoroughly washing you head to toe with a very soapy (and slightly cold!) solution, wriggling all over you and giving the little fella a good seeing too.

    She then rinses you down, dries the bed and covers it in a sheet before giving you a "cat bath", basically a good licking. I've never had this before and the slurping sound was disconcerting, to say the least. Unprompted, this turned into a rather good bareback blow job. With surprisingly excellent timing (and again unasked) she stopped at the right time, slapped a rubber on the old fella and finished me off in style.

    The massage was average, but the soapy was pretty good, although not as good as Thailand.

    She didn't ask for a tip and seemed genuinely pleased when I gave her R100,000. I got the impression she would have been happy with R50,000.

    Tip upstairs and pay downstairs on your way out.

    Pretty decent value I thought. Although the girls are certainly better looking at more upmarket places like Malioboro, you don't get a soapy.

  20. Been there last nite. Rate: 6/10. Just so-so.. Need to look for better one.. DC: Rp600K, for 2hrs + Rp200K, for happy ending (cat bath n FJ with condom).

  21. Try Oasis guys..
    I found Oasis in this web too
    I have tried both and Oasis is way better
    Pricing is about the same
    Oasis is in the main road so it's easy to get, It has pool n spa facilities
    the look from the outside and in the inside is better
    the way to Kartika is like slum, I worried about crime
    The girls are better, the good thing here is you don't have to rush to choose a girl, like my experience in Kartika the staff is a bit pushy

  22. does anyone know their opening hours?

  23. can't i found it via google map?

  24. Hars

    All brothers

    visited today and i would rate it 6/10

    Girls are so so, staff is little pushy but you need show patience. Go for a full round of the ground floor, probably earlier you must have entered and sat on the left side only, but try next time going to the right of the bar as well.

    Better first go to the bar have a beer and have a patience look on all the girls, if you are experienced in selecting......good otherwise go by luck. Also you can ask staff for help and demand for a girl with NO BABY or TWO BABY ....choice is yours.

  25. Do they work after 12:00 am ?

  26. I have tried here on 7 October.
    The name of lady is Rista, 32 years old.
    She provided very good service inluded BtoB and FJ.
    She stlongly requested to stay 2 hours.I did do so.
    Price was 700k. (1 hour 350k)
    She requested 400k tip.(She said 1 hour 200k is normal)
    I payed because i didtn't know if 1 hour tip 200k is normal or not.

    I think 400k tip is so expensive.

    Please let me know the normal tip level.

  27. I was there on 13 November at about 4 p.m. The price quoted was 300k for 1 girl and 600k for 2 girls, unlike Travel/Classic where there is a discount for taking two girls. I also wonder why some have to pay 350k instead of the standard 300k. Anyway I managed to pick a pretty and wonderful girl by the name of Tari. She rates easily 8 on a scale of 10. I was surprised to find a girl of such quality here and at this price. Fantastic service and attitude during the massage and FJ. I offered her a 50k tip when I left but she demanded at least 100k to cover the cost of condom as well. I stuck to my offer as I didn't want to spoil the market. None of the girls I took has complained about the tip before. This episode left a bitter after taste but thinking back regretfully I should have given her the 100k tip and maybe even more to ensure good service in the future. If you happen to take her, please don't be like me. I think we should tip according to the service level.

  28. Gue Update gan kemarin w dr sana sekarang tarifnya 300 rebu blon sama tips, Mereka minta tips nya rada maksa minimal 100 s/d 150 mending tanya dl sblm naik,,kalau bawa duit pas bisaa kacau

  29. Cost 300k tips 100k
    Ask first before action

  30. Marked the spot on Google map and took the taxi straight to the place.
    At the door, checked the price with mamasan - Rp300K.
    There were about 15 girls sitting on sofa, hmm, most were fat and strong make-up, not my cup of tea, some looked OK. While hesitating, one with good figure but older-looking came in front of me and asked me to take here. Was not the type I want, however this is my 1st try, so tried not to be too picky.
    Then followed her to upstairs and started flirting with her. Here response was just standard. After washing me up with shower, she asked me to lie on bed, then came up started licking and blow job with condom. After 10 mins of blow job, 69, etc, she sitted on me and started the action. Standard procedure is all I can said about her. No surprise, no fun. So i decided to save my loads for next round.
    When finished, then comes the tricky part. She told me the company fee is Rp350K, tip is Rp100K. I rejected her of course and sticked to the 300+50 rule.

    The room was old, the license sheet on the back of the door shown the openning date was 1981. 30+ years in business, amazing..

    Will come back again within these days to try out other girls.

  31. It is me who post the previous message.
    So today I also went to one on the other alley.
    (Yes, i tried 3 places today, see my other posts on Berlian).
    In this alley, the 2nd one in parellel at the south, there are couple of massage shops of this type, where you don't see girls sitting around, you can only pick by looking at the pictures on the counter.
    So I walked in one, somehow, there was a cute small girl sitting at the counter doing makeup. She was not exactly my cup of tea but others were no good neither, so i picked this girl.
    She is nice but everything just standard procedure. I could not get the feeling I expected. So about halfway, I got shut down. Little brother got soft. So I just stopped and took shower.
    I did not give any tip to the girl even she asked. However, she kept in good manner and let go because I showed my face with very not satisfied.
    Paid downstairs at the counter Rp250K then left the place.


  32. Simply the best little place!

    Drinks, girls etc well priced, service outstanding!!!!!

  33. Is places like this friendly with foreigners? ?

    1. Well they will expect more tip .. be careful.

  34. What time does it open??i plan to go there in the morning..

  35. Have been there yesterday. The prizes increased, like everywhere. 1hour Soapy Massage is now 350k and they wanna force you to give a 100k tip, "cause it is standard". The service was good and the girls are much younger and prettier than in Berlian (which is just 50m in front).

  36. i wanna go to this place .. that Body Massage (BM) make me so curious :9 so the girls are much younger, and how about the boobies? big? because i like big boobs sliding on me :D so total DC is 450k?

  37. OMG, prices increases so much since April? I am not going there anymore

  38. Is it open today?

  39. Ok. This place looks so bad that I thought of returning from the entrance itself. But somehow I pushed myself into this place. There were group of girls to choose and they look not bad. I choose one girl who was fetish in yellow dress. She was cute though. The rooms are uglier than I have expected. There was no lock to my room and the girl put chair as the protection. The girl gave me a soapy massage and it was full of fun. Later we went to the obvious one and I felt very good. Though the place was stinky and bad. It was totally different experience because of the massage. People who are interested in Soapy massage can try once and u will not be disappointed.

  40. Hi guys. Any update as of march 2014 on price in kartika ?

  41. hi
    can any one tell what are current rates ???

  42. Hello
    I hv been to this place once a long damn time ago. Girls were older than most places but im here to give a couple of tips for foreigners
    If ur a foreigner, of course the girls or whoever (mamasan, waiter) may expect more money cuz foreigners = rich. Just play it cool, as most foreigners i had brought did, and bargain. If u plan on more visits, of course they'll be extra nicer to u. But big tips is nOT a must for good treatments.
    Its a big plus if u speak a little bahasa.
    I frequent other lounges such as travel/classic/kota indah. If anyone needs any assistance at all, my no 085213826789
    I doNOT do this for money! U can text/whatsapp. I shall do my best to give u directions n whatnot

  43. Hello,
    Any place opened this week?

  44. What place is best for soapy massage + BJ - Kartika or Berlian? Any update for price?

    1. Kartika Massage Parlour is where u can get soapy massage. 350k without tip.

  45. What time does this place open and close?

  46. Kartika spa is at the end of a small street on walk distance from the Olimo bus station. There where lke 10+ girls waiting inside to give a massage. Cost 350k and 50k for the tip. For the experience yes however a good massage not to be expected here. Be careful when in this area for scam / pick pok. Enjoy.

  47. Is this plave stil open and still has good service and the beautiful ladies ??

  48. I just went today august 4th 2015 around 2pm
    I payed 350,000 + 100,000 tip. Nothing out of the ordinary what people wrote before about the detail. There are few pretty girls, but most of them are around a 5 or a 6 out of 10. Decent i would say. You pay what you get. If you want great girls i would suggest alexis hotel, but you have to pay in the million range.

  49. I can recommend the two-girl sandwich. Very nice.

  50. Has anyone had the'hamburger' massage, i am curious to know if it is the b2b. Thanks all.

  51. I love this webpage for the load of information it serves is amazing.
    Well I want to ask you guys that I want to go to Kartika for a Body to Body massage a sandwich massage maybe with naked girls rolling upon my body and then a good blowjob but no full sex.

    Is my idea good and will I be able to enjoy it here ?
    And second, does this place accepts card payments. ?

  52. So guy this is me one who asked the last question.
    So today I am went to Kartika after taking all the knowledge from you guys.

    Directions:Use these coordinates on Google Maps
    -6.150390, 106.817477
    and you are there. Located in the alley just toching Suisse Bakery which is located bang on the main road as described in the address above. In that alley you will find the last banner with Kartika, it is the last building in that alley.

    Money: Latest prices 370,000 IDR for a girl. Tip depends on you, I only paid 50,000 and the lady was happy and satisfied.

    Service: Body to Body soapy massage, with your choice of having full sex and blow job.

    Experience: as this was my first experience, so I loved it, the lady was around 35 years with juicy soft boobs and tight ass and clean pussy. Note she will clean herself before and after the experience with gargle and shower . So expect to be clean .
    I took the soapy massage and an amazing blow job as I didn't wanted full sex.

    Note: Don't expect much out of massage as it's only a cover their main job is sex, so if you want economical sex go here and bang bang ....

    Hope u loved the details guys..


  53. Is kissing and dfk allowed? How many shots for 370k?

  54. Is this place still operating? How much?

  55. Went here earlier this week.. was charged 310 maybe coz credit card.

    Not too many choices but I got one ok girl. My first soapy experience so was nice 😋

    Ok for the price I think. But chances to find a young and pretty girl seems low.