Tribeca Rnb & Hip Hop Club Jakarta (CLOSED)

By The Jakarta Team


Tribeca NYC, just next to Luv's Bar is a small self-proclamed NYC-style bar focusing on R n' B and Hip-hop, which is often hard to find in Jakarta since the Bliss night club closed. They designed the club like a NY loft, with red bricks and a large poster with a view on the skyscrapers. Best time to go there is when they have live performers, you might want to check their website here (Tribeca NYC City Walk Sudirman) for more information about events.

It is a little quiet still, but I think it should take off soon because it is very well located and the concept is good.

Update June 2011:
Tribeca has become a very popular venue, especially among Indo-Chinese high-school and college students. I was there on a Thursday night and it was rocking! Great atmosphere, everyone drunk and dancing. Music is commercial RnB, with some dance hits when necessary. Prices are rather high, Rp242k for a Cendana cocktail (a long drink). I took a video and some pics:

Opening hours:
From 10am to 2am on weekdays and until 4am on weekends.

Tribeca NYC - Jakarta
Sudirman Citywalk First Floor #11, next to Luv's Bar.
JL. Kh. Mas Mansyur 121
Jakpus, Indonesia.

Phone : (021) 2555 8758
Mobile : 081380942234
Email : marketing@tribecanyc.asia

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6 comments to '' Tribeca Rnb & Hip Hop Club Jakarta (CLOSED) "

  1. Disappointing, visited on impulse to grab a bite to eat in the early evening.

    Whilst I do not mind paying 150,000IDR for a steak I do expect some quality.

    The meal was awful especially as it was supposed to be Australian beef, it was more like dried shoe sole with more fat than meat.

    Service was also poor given that we were the only guests.
    Give it a miss and go elsewhere (for food at least).

  2. good upto date r&b but full of kids =17 to 21 chinese indos and well dressed young girls on there blackberrys my advice bring your own friends make you own party the music is great but need more adults

  3. tribeca is not that good anymore, it's like a fighting arena ! people are fighting here and there and you can't have a good time without you clashing with other people. It's not like the good old tribeca that i used to know.

  4. zha.zarma@yahoo.comJune 24, 2012 at 5:12 AM

    very good bar
    i love RNb Hip Hop

  5. I Will try it next weekend, hope its good place to have fun :)

  6. Wanted to go there yesterday:
    Since May 2013 Tribega Bar & Grill is closed!!! In next weeks should open another venue there. Couldn't figure out if it's gonna be a bar, disco or restausrant.