An excellent bar, De Hooi was not in our listing until now only because it is located a bit far from the center, in Pondok Indah, where we seldom venture. In this part of town however, it is easily the most popular and the most happening bar, attracting a good mix of both expats and locals, in an easy going and welcoming atmosphere.

Many regular customer crowd the bar and it seems like most patrons know each other already.. Live music, free-wifi, and a good menu featuring American, Indian, Dutch, Indonesian food (you can take a look at it here: De Hooi menu part 1, part 2, part 3, they do delivery). If you live in Pondok Indah, this is the place where you want to go to have fun.

Its regular events include:
Every sunday from 7am to 3pm, Bloody mary bar = for every breakfast purchase, you get free flow bloody mary.
Every Sunday from 8pm to 9pm, open mic = a free beer for anyone who plays or sings a song.
Monday all day: Happy hour on draft beer.
Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm: Free flow wine.
Wednesday starting 7pm: Quizz Night.
Wednesday from 6pm to 12pm: Chicken wings night (1000rp/piece).
Thursday, from 5pm to the end: Ladies nights (50% off for ladies).
Saturday, all day: Sports day (On screen of course...).
Contact details: 
De HOOI Jakarta

Jl. Metro Duta Raya Blok B4 No.31.
Plaza II Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Phone number: 021 750 0742
Fax: 021 759 16 167

Info about events: Check its facebook group here: De Hooi Bar Facebook fan page
Or check its newsletter here: De Hooi Cafe Pondok Indah Newletter

14 comments to '' De Hooi Cafe (Pondok Indah Plaza) "

  1. we'll be traveling with my 7 years old daughter...just wondering if we could bring in my daughter to this palce..

  2. I think De Hooi is fine for a 7 years-old, it is a regular, friendly bar, with no girl hostesses.. she might be bothered by the smoke but I think there is a smoke-free area

  3. Hi,
    Yeah, I'm Harry the manager of De Hooi. I installed some fresh air hoods over the ACs so it's not as smokey as it was. Usually only gets smokey now when it's the busiest, around 10 or 11 onwards or earlier on Friday but I can't imagine you having your 7 year old out much later than that. Please stop by and say hi.

  4. I visited recently and the food/drinks/atmosphere was better than most places in the Pondok Indah area. Only annoying thing was there are so many mosquitoes I was worried about catching dengue fever. If they can fix the insect problem I will be a regular.

  5. This is a great place, but the smoke filters are broken now and the smoke is so thick you can barely see across the room. I've found this on weeknights and weekends.

  6. i went there once and this place was awesome...quite a few girls, and no hookers

  7. Is it easy for minors to get in? Like, do they check your ID? What's the crowd like?

  8. Hey, my partner and I aren't into dance music as such - what kind of music do you have? anything live & instrumental?? Rock 'n' roll maaaybe?? :D

  9. @harry, manager of de hooi.. may u help ur waitress to be "more" nice.. cause they almost never smile. merci :)

  10. yes, no friendly at all... except the Bar Manager :)

  11. hey i'm 21 years old, and last month i went there with my little brother and he was 16. But, the waitress came to me and said that she wanted my brother's ID. then i said he's my little brother and he was 16 and you do not need worry. But then the waitress said the manager of De Hooi did not agree if my little brother still in De Hooi. Then i looked around and i found some teenager too and i said to the waitress whats the problem. I said "this is not my first time i go in here, and there's more teenager around here not only my brother" but the waitress just turned back to the bar and after few minutes she turned back to me and said that the manager really wanted me and my brother go out from De Hooi !! And until now, i never going back to that place

  12. Hi guys,

    Sorry I haven't checked this page for a while but to answer your questions and comments.

    The mosquito problem I've never noticed and I often wear shorts to De Hooi. Maybe you're just extra tasty or it was a weird day.

    Smoke filters aren't broken they're only on the first floor. The second floor only has the fresh air intakes over the ACs and exhaust fans. It's difficult to find any bar in Jakarta that isn't smokey. We do have 3 outside areas that if Jakarta ever bans smoking inside can be for the smokers and not for the non-smokers.

    I've been having regular meetings with my staff to give more smiles. I hope that it's working. I will let them know your comment. They work for service money so they should take that into consideration. In America we work for tips so smiling is everything.

    Minors are allowed at De Hooi till 7pm. There is a sign on the door that clearly states that in English and Indonesian. Minor = 20 or younger. I hired an extra security guard to check IDs at the door. Sometimes he wanders from his post for a break. The reason I now enforce this is 1st of all my responsibility as a host. In most countries you would lose your license to serve alcohol if the authorities caught you serving to minors. It is stated on the side of beer bottles in Bahasa Indonesia that you must be 21 and not pregnant to drink. 2ndly I have/had several teachers that come/came to De Hooi and don't feel comfortable about drinking with their 13/14/16 etc... year old students. Understandably. I was also getting questioned by concerned parents about the ethics of De Hooi. 3rdly the place was packed with kids who smoked like chimneys and would get drunk and puke wherever they were off one brainwash and then break stuff and steal things off the walls. Occasionally I will let younger people in if they look responsible or I've known them for a long time but if you're a little kid with braces on and there is a dozen of you ain't nothin' crackalackin'. It's most definitely nothing personal, when you turn 21 (or even 20 but don't tell anyone) come back to De Hooi! Otherwise come with your parents. If you get drunk and then die your parents will lynch me. I hope you understand.

    Tonight De Hooi will be celebrating it's 6th Anniversary. Starting at 7pm the free flow beer will last till 15 barrels are emptied, sexy dancers, live music and drink specials all night long. The theme is beach party some come dressed for the beach.


  13. Hi I'm RauL from Singapore and wanted to know more what is the Event for your 9 Aninversery today 4May2013 ?? As I heard from the
    Guys from the hotel I stay. Will there be girls on bikini ??
    Whats the charges like? Please reply ASAP .....

  14. Try Brainwash, it's good.