The Best Traditional Massages in Jakarta (Non sex massages)

By The Jakarta Team

"Your website has many references to "men" spa in Kota, with a sexual connotation in them.. I'm coming with my boyfriend to Jakarta in two weeks and we would like to experiment some good value traditional massages... Which places do you recommend?"

Email from Laura

Even though Jakarta is probably not a heaven destination for massage like Bali or Thailand, there are some good options for traditional massages and where you and your boyfriend can go without running the risk of ending up in a dirty massage parlour.

This section will only be about traditional massages, which do not include any sexual services. If you are interested in massage parlours with extra service/handjob, you can visit this article I wrote: Jakarta's Top 10 Spas & Massage parlours.

Some of the best traditional massages in Jakarta are done within 5-stars hotel, like the one in Four Seasons, which has the reputation of being one of the best spas in the city, along with the spa of the Dharmawangsa Hotel, also called Bimasena. Those spas are expensive for Jakarta (over 500,000rp including tip for a 90 minute session), and you will be paying more for the atmosphere in general and the decoration than for the massage in itself. They are very popular with upmarket tourists and expat wives. However, if you compare the prices there with what you could get in western countries, it's quite cheap and I think you should go for it at least once if you can.

Similar to those spas, you have some famous spas with a focus on the atmosphere rather than in the massage in itself. There also, the price can be expensive. Falling into that category, you have Taman Sari Royal Heritage spa (very popular) or "fantasy" massage parlours such as Kenko Fish Spa, whose concept is to get a massage by small fishes sucking your feet.

But reading your email, it seems you prefer a good value massage. In that case, there are a number of massage places where you can have a 90 minutes massage for less than Rp250,000. Personally, I have two favourites: The Martha Tilaar massage parlours and the Bersih Sehat chain. Martha Tilaar must be one of the most reliable in Jakarta if you want excellent service in a clean environment. Bersih Sehat is a little more basic and less expensive but they are of great value.

Another famous chain for traditional massages in Jakarta that I haven't tried is Gaya Spa. You are welcome to put comment if you have been in one of them.

Websites of the places mentioned if you want more information:

Four Seasons Spa Jakarta:
Dharmawangsa Spa (Bimasena Spa):
Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Jakarta:
Martha Tilaar Spa Jakarta:
Gaya Spa:
Bersih Sehat:

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24 comments to '' The Best Traditional Massages in Jakarta (Non sex massages) "

  1. Spas are not only popular for travelers who are looking for a moment of pampering, but many treatments have been used by the Balinese for many generations as well.Visit for more information.

  2. dear,
    thanks a lot for your so much helpful information regarding best non sex massage in jakarta, and I seem to be very interested in bersih sehat since it sounds more traditional, what i want to know is how much we usually pay for tips after having 60 or 90 minutes massage there?

  3. Hi, i usually tip masseuses or masseurs between 20,000rp and 30,000rp for one hour. I would be interested to have other readers feedback on how much they tip for traditional massages because i don't really know if it's correct. My girlfriend think im cheap and she tips around 50,000rp if the masseuse was good...

  4. 20,000 is correct i think.. but you have to know that most masseuse only get money from tipping... so let's imagine they have 3 clients per day tipping 60,000 rp for the three of them, it leave them with a monthly salary less than 2 million per month. I think 20,000 would be the minimum tip for a 1 hour massage and you should be able to go until 50,000 if very satisfied.

  5. for normal massage i tip 50,000 rp for 90min

    for erotic massage i tip 100,000 rp

  6. Nowadays Rp20,000 for a tip is too little. For good clean message anyting between Rp40k and 50k would be acceptable...if a handjob is included, then perhaps Rp100k would be fine..

  7. Very informative post for Massage Jakarta. You must also visit Jakarta Spa, the blog portal for all Indonesia Spa Treatments.

  8. hi...can anyone suggest a safe and clean place in jakarta where they can provide good erotic massage service for a couple.

  9. hello,

    i would also like to know if there is any safe and clean place in jkt to have couple erotic messages or private jacuzzi for couple. money is not a problem hehe..

  10. Is Bersih Sehat "male friendly"? I don't want to walk in to an all women's place!

  11. For erotic couple massage in Jakarta, I don't know where you can go, but I know that Puri Spa group has special packages for couples.. It's not erotic but maybe if you ask you can have something else... (but what would an erotic couple massage be by the way?)

    Concerning Bersih Sehat spa, it is open for man of course, no worries.

  12. Jakarta Balls Massage
    I was in Jakarta and enjoy the best spa experience (for men) in Jakarta. I was along Tebet Raya when I saw this new spa opening. I was a bit tired and wanted to have a good massage. I went in and the place is clean and modern. Not like some of the run down places I saw in Kota. I went into the shop and was greeted with the reception. My Indonesian is so-so so, I was surprised that the receptionist can actually speak English (a first in a massage place in Jakarta for me) Very friendly receptionist who can explain all the items on the menu to me. I was very impressed.

    I picked the Spa package that cost Rp170,000 for 2 hours which includes the Sensual Treatment and Vitality something. A nice young girl around 20 came out and I was treated to the best massage (for me) Maybe I was very tired but it relaxed me. The surprised come when it to to the Vitality and Sensual Treatment. I t consist of hot aroma oil which the therapist put on my balls and then rub all the vital points around my balls and penis area. She is quite an expert in moving around. Balls were massaged expertly. Pressure was applied where it felt good. Fantastic stuff. Heard of Balls Massage before but this is the first time I tried it. Make me feel alive. Finally asked me if I want to get it out and was told it is an additional 200,000Rp to the girl. Since the girl is young and pretty, I said yes. A good investment given that the total cost is less than 50SGD> Very enjoyable 2 hours.

    I had a great massage in a nice clean shop with great friendly people and people who speak English. The therapist don't speak English but to say HJ, it is universal language.

    A very nice alternative to the naughty massage where you get no massage, place is dirty and scary, and you cannot communicate.

    Was told that by the lady boss that she can pick me up at hotels nearby like Parklane, Harris, Gran Melia, Marriot, Ritz Calton, Manhattan, Somerset, Aston Rasuna, if there is 3 of us.

    The details of the Spa is :

    Jalan Tebet Raya 44D near the PDI office.
    Opening hours 9 am - 10 pm.

    Please call the lady boss (a nice lady, whom I met in the reception area) :

    Lolly at +62 878 20040080
    Don't quote WHOLE POST unnecessarily

  13. I am looking for a massage spa that will give me Body Massage + Butt Massage (if possible Ball massage) with Happy Ending. I am NOT looking for Sex service or +++ Service.

    How much is the rate for this in Jakarta

  14. i give a real spa massage. i am an experienced spa therapist but now work as freelance masseur. No sex. I do massage professionally. (087877725940, Fadil)

  15. Balls Massage 2nd view:

    After reading the post on the topic I went to try out the well described Spa called "Lavender" in Jalan Tebet Raya 4D.

    to make the long story short I think the place is pretty dirty and run down with a moldy smell and even mold on the walls and ceilings. The sheets and the pillow (dark blue) also didn't look very appealing. Massage itself was so so but you get a much better one at Gaya Spas or some smaller places.
    For the same money including a handjob I recommend you to go to Delta Spa or likewise; there you pay around 450k all inclusive and you get to use the nice facilites! Don't waste your time at Lavender...

  16. I've been a regular in Bali Heritage. Nice location, clean, and good price. Staring at 120K for 90 min

  17. Additional from above, location is in Blok M, in front of Blok M Square

  18. Yuyuantang Reflexology.
    for me this is the best massage ever
    They specialized in refelxology, even tough I am not really into a reflexology because I can't stand the pain
    they also offer a 90min massage includes back massage. It is so great I can't describe it with words, long story short the back massage is 10/10
    it located in Pluit, Sunter & Bandung
    the trainer are from Guangzhou, China. It also offer massage by the chinese with double price and the Lautze/Teacher with quadruple the price. I took the local therapist and it already 10/10. I can't imagine how the chinese or even Lautze's massage

  19. In response to Anonymous dated Apr 2011, the Management of Lavender Spa would like to apologise for the bad experience. We were experiencing some water leakage during that time and as a result mold started to grow in this humid climate. We took immediate actions to remedy the problem and it is now solved. As for the bed covers, etc, we used green as it was the colour scheme for Lavender Spa.

    We provide no-frill service for massage much like Air Asia, etc. As such, our price can be lower than Delta, etc. We provide the best value for your money and we have receptionists who can speak English.

    Please give us another shot at Lavender Spa.

    Management of Lavender Spa

  20. I recently tried Lavender Spa and this is my experience.

    If a cheap price is your priority then you get what you pay for. Total and complete sensual massage that was promised leaves a lot to be desired. To add salt to wound, the therapist wanted 200K Rp for a hand job! A bit stiff when you consider that the 1.5hr massage session itself cost less than that!

    The place is also filthy and damp and less than hygienic in my opinion.

  21. I was there yesterday and serve by therapist and her name is Beby. She's good When do massage, but he offer me for HJ for Rp.200.000,-. The facility just like some friends said ; dirty towel, dirty bed, dirty room and bad attidude of their therapist. I think this place not recommend for massage. I give point 1 of 10.

  22. I had gone to both place (martha tilaar and bersih sehat), they both are excellent for relaxing massage. If you look for indonesian traditional massage (like lulur, mandi susu (milk bath) etc) better go to martha tilaar. But, if you look for body massage (shiatsu), go for bersih sehat. They both have a good service and clean place. And please turn off your mobile phone to enjoying more the massage :)

  23. I went to Lavender a couple of weeks ago, and took the 1 hour massage for 40k, as I wasn't sure about the place and didn't want to spent too much money and later regretted it. The therapist was quite experience, and had a good massage. At the end she offered for a HJ and asked for 100k. I said I didn't have that much, and settled for 60k take it or leave it (actually I don't like to bargain for such service as it ruins my mood). The standard room doesn't look clean. It shouldn't use carpet, as it gave moldy smell. Bed sheet was OK. Overall it's a good deal. And you left the place fresh.
    I will try the spa package next time.
    My suggestion to Lavender management is to set a standard price for additional service i.e. HJ for customer satisfaction.

  24. Went to the lavender spa today and took their 175K package. I had a strong lady (Tia). She did wonderful massage with a HJ at additional 150 K. The place is good and specially the helpful receptionist.if you are a visitor , this helps a lot as they will also help you to find a Taxi to your Hotel!!

    The sensual & vitality massage was delicious. The HJ was done with hot oil which added to the pleasure.

    I agree on the decor which could be better but then it is value for money.