Bersih Sehat is one reliable address to get good value traditional massages in Jakarta. More affordable than some places like Taman Sari Spa, a 2 hour massage will cost you around 200,000 rupiah. Clean facilities and welcoming service. Once again, it is not a sex spa.

How does it work?

After paying, you will go to a large room where they have about 10 other people getting their massage. Don't worry, there are curtains between everyone so you cannot actually see anyone (but you can hear some noise). Then, you take off you clothes and keep only your underwear. You wrap a towel around your waist, and the massage can start. Bersih Sehat massage girls will usually press you quite hard, so if you prefer a soft massage, you should mention it. At the end, you can take a shower. Don't forget to leave a tip since it is the main source of income for your masseuse (Rp50k is good).

 They have different locations in Jakarta:

Bersih Sehat Mayestic
Jl. Tebah II No. 2 (Behind Pasar Mayestik)
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12120.
Telp. (62-21) 726.1578 - 726.1586 - 722.1551

Bersi Sehat Pondok Indah
Plaza 2 Blok B3 No. 16
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan 12310.
Telp. (62-21) 750.1342 - 750.1349

Bersih Sehat Kelapa Gading
Kompleks Gading Bukit Indah Blok F-10
Jl. Bukit Gading Raya (Belakang Makro)
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240.
Telp. (62-21) 451.3918 - 451.3919 - 451.3920

Bersih Sehat Puri Kencana
Kompleks Puri Kencana Blok J-1 No. 2R
(Deretan Gedung Kawan Lama)
Jakarta Barat 11610.
Telp. (62-21) 582.6854 - 582.6855 - 582.6871

Bersih Sehat Hotel Sahid Jaya
Lantai 3 (Kolam Renang)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 86
Jakarta 10220.
Telp. (62-21) 570.4444 Ext. 1840 - Direct : 570.2371

Bersih Sehat Bintaro
Jl. Dr. Sam Ratulangi
Ruko Sentra Menteng Blok MN - 56
Sektor VII Bintaro Jaya 15224
Phone number: +62-21 7486 4014 - 7486 4015

Bersih Sehat Sarinah
Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No. 106, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10340, Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 390-0204
Fax: +62-21 390-0339

You can also visit their website Traditional Massage & Lulur Bersih Sehat Jakarta

16 comments to '' Bersih Sehat chain (Massage Traditional) "

  1. What about Mitra Sehat Family Massage Parlour in Pondak Indah Square, next to Bersih Sehat. Any news on this place?

  2. the mitra sehat is similar to Bersih Sehat.
    it's a 'clean' message service, no sex extremely

  3. great service, i like it hard and got it.take off all clothes, lie under towel
    first get walked on back, then shiatsu finger pressure massage, then oil massage, then roll over and same, then head massage.
    - massuese careful not to expose or touch private areas, which was what i expect from family massage, 220k for 2 hrs, no offer of HJ (as expected from family massage)

  4. hi is there any Bersih Sehat near Hilton Jakarta ?

  5. 25/7/12 (ramadhan month) this place was CLOSED during ramadhan.

  6. are they available for home massage?

  7. No I dont so, Most parlour there are full time employed. I went there few time. If you dont have to pay dont worry, you can use Debit Card or Master card. If you like to have message just come there during the day if you come weekend you couldnt get any early time because this place sometime full booked by royal customer who live near by actually in Pondok Pinang and Pondok Indah residence

  8. it's there we can ask for FJ ? how much the cost ?

  9. Is any Bersih Sehat near Hotel Mulia SENAYAN?

  10. Its "clean" massage service, as mention before, and the massuese are mostly middle age woman, come here if you want to relax your body or you have muscle pain or stiff ..

  11. Bersih Sehat near Hilton, please come to Menteng branch at Jl. KH. Wahid Hayim no. 106
    Bersih Sehat Sehat near Hotel Mulia, please come to Mayestik Branch at Jl. Tebah II no. 2 Pasar Mayestik or Sahid Hotel Branch

  12. I have been to Bersih sehat 5 times. Each time, I asked for a different masseus. Out of 5 times that I have been there, ONLY ONCE I left the place feeling fresh and happy. The last one was the worst. She has no power. When people say that the masseus are strong, they are being overrated. Not everyone is strong.

  13. Any branch near grand mecure harmoni?

  14. where is the nearest outlet to Amaris Thamrin City

  15. Anyone know if you can get a nude massage there (or elsewhere?). I am not interested in ++ , but it feels much better not to be drapped in a towel... Thanks in advance

  16. Any branch near the media hotel & towers?