365 Eco Bar (Kemang)

By The Jakarta Team

365 prides itself in having the best selection of booze, in Kemang. It also has some excellent DJs and some interesting events, in particular the newly introduced dub-step nights on Thursday that are worth checking out. It's very difficult to exist in Kemang's overcrowded nightlife and 365 just managed to do that by daring to be a little more original than most of the other places. This is the reason why I put it among my favourite Kemang clubs.

Update April 2011: I just revisited 365 and again, I loved it. Very friendly staff, excellent music and a beautiful, young crowd. One of the best bars in Jakarta.

You can get all the information you need about their events and parties here:
Facebook: 365 Eco Bar
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/365ecobar
Website: http://ecobar.co.id/
Contact details:
365 Eco Bar Jakarta
Aksara Kemang parking lot
Jl. Kemang Raya, no. 8B.

Phone Number: +62-21 7191032
Email: info@ecobar.co.id

More photos from Martin (http://martinarcher.typepad.com/):

14 comments to '' 365 Eco Bar (Kemang) "

  1. The singer on monday: guna - she's very hot and sexy...!! I'd like to have sex with her.. Anyone know her contact?

  2. does this place have a email adress? i want to DJ at some clubs in jakarta, does anyone can bring me in contact with some jakartan promoters/bookers/club owners?

  3. send your demo to mwjono@gmail.com , donny@corknscrew.biz

  4. I often hang out in 365.. Good place to chill with your friends.. The drinks arent too expensive

  5. Update: sadly they kicked out the dubstep nights last year. Despite the promising beginnings, IMHO the music is now rather lame unless there's a special event. Still cool & unpretentious decor though.

  6. Went here last Saturday cause we couldn't get into Tree House.
    Nice vibe! They were having some sort of DJ trials and some were good, others not so....but overall good experience. playing mostly deep house.
    At age 30 felt almost out of plase as the place is packed with youngsters...
    Very strange to me is that you don't have to order a drink to get in/stay???

  7. Anyone ever make events in here?any comments? I want tome som event here.

  8. Any inquiries regarding the events at 365 Ecobar please do contact us via email obet@ecobar.co.id. Lets spread the love fellas!

  9. Do we need ID to get in?

  10. have minimum age to get in? J

  11. yup you're right, very friendly staff. I was fell asleep on the table and the staff stands near me, I thought he doesn't want his costumer to have lost their phone/ wallet. the crowd in 365 is perfect! love it

  12. [Description]
    Darkoloco vol.1

    Come tonite Saturday 2nd February 2013

    at 365 Eco Bar

    w/music selection from:

    Ical - Iqbal - Robin - Rulli

    Free Entry, 10PM onwards..

    we will play some old school acid house/disco/tribal/minimalis/tech house to bring back the good sound from early 2000 edm

  13. mainin trance ngga di sini?