Jakarta city guide for travellers and expats

By The Jakarta Team
In this section, you will find all the articles that are not related to one bar or club in general but to living or travelling in Jakarta. Most of the articles are actually answers to questions that some of the readers asked me, and I thought that it could be nice to put in in the blog in case it could help someone else. Please, don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding Jakarta, or even Indonesia and I will do my best to help you.

I'm still compiling the email I sent to everyone so it might takes some time for this section to fill up but be patient and in the future, I hope this page can become quite popular.

Jakarta nightlife guide: This short guide is a must read for anyone in the city before going clubbing!

Cost of living in Jakarta: Can we live in Jakarta with less than 600$ per month? (Question from Audrey)

Accomodation in Jakarta for expats: What are the different options for housing? How expensive is it? (Question from Helen)

Visa for tourists in Indonesia: Do I need to make my visa in France? (Question from Marc)

Jakarta Girls: Where can I meet normal, non prostitute girls, in Jakarta? (One of the most frequent question asked by both expats and tourists!)

Best traditional massages in Jakarta (meaning real massages, free of any sexual content) (Question from Laura)

Best transportation means in Jakarta (Question from Nicholas)

More coming soon!

For more information, I would also like to put some links of blogs and website about Jakarta here. Ask me if you want me to put yours there.. I won't be difficult...

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2 comments to '' Jakarta city guide for travellers and expats "

  1. what about Potato Head Restaurant & Bar? how come I don't see it in your list? it's definitely one of the coolest place to hang out. Am I right?
    Oh it's at Pacific Place.

  2. Potato Head is there, and even in the favourite bars section on the side... http://jakarta100bars.blogspot.com/2009/01/potato-head-pacific-place-mall-ground.html