999 (Triple 9) Club (Kemang Arcade)

By The Jakarta Team

One of the latest addition to Kemang's nightlife. I think that since I've been living in Jakarta, the club which is now called Triple 9 has changed names at least three times. Just before that, it was called Dizzy Lounge.

Apart from the changes of name, it is the same as before: a basic, large dancefloor with a lively party atmosphere, a bar in the center, electro music, DJ & VJ, many high school and college students (a lot more guys than girls), and prices that are not too bad.

One of the best night clubs in Kemang (I also like Nu China). There is a 50,000rp entrance fee (on weekends at least) with free drink included. Lots of special events: Check their facebook fanpage Triple Nine Kemang or their twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Triplenine999. To keep up with the competition, they also bring some sexy dancers on occasion.
Contact details:
Triple Nine Jakarta
Kemang Arcade Building on the third floor
Kemang Raya 20 A
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone number of 999 club: +62-21 718 2284
Email: triplenine@ymail.com

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16 comments to '' 999 (Triple 9) Club (Kemang Arcade) "

  1. very nice place to dance! I love it!

  2. Nice review Mr T - checked out the place last week and it's definitely better than Dizzy Lounge.

    Keep up the good work

  3. do we need ID to get in?

  4. They usually don't ask, but if you look very young maybe it's better to take it (but i can figure you are underage if you ask this question...)

  5. this place is so hooottzzz!!!! Rock on, guys,,,,

  6. what song do u play? rnb? house? watime it starts n ends? best day to go? wed? fridays? sat?

  7. is this club for all age or we need ID card?

  8. They usually don't ask the ID card.

  9. i went there yesterday to watch final champions league match.. the place not bad and the staff so friendly.


  10. Hey umm, Can you tell me where one can find the highest number of Korean crowds? Those that are normally below 25 years old. Thanks.

  11. wahai muda mudi indonesia, bertobatlah segera sebelum terlambat. ini sudah menjadi bujukan syaitan

  12. 9M sy merindukan tempat ini
    Ingat si chines
    Sumpah Ml dengan dirimu sngt dahsyat
    Sy menunggumu.

  13. Maaf pin yang di atas sudah tdk ke pakai lagi, blackberynya sudah kejual,
    Skrng pakai android
    So invite reyhanruntulalo@yahoo.com

  14. Went there on a sat night in dec before xmas and this place was half full. Seriously u read that correctly half full. What a huge disapointment for me right? What's more there were people just sitting around talking lol ffs u can do that at home a lot more cheaply. Also there are too many indo guys there trying to be cool. One guy wanna take pic of me with him so he can bs to his friends that he was partying with a bule, lol how lame.

  15. How much i must pay if i wanna open table or open bottle to make a birthday party ?