The Jaipong or Jaipongan is a traditional West Java dance. It is a fantastic show with beautiful traditional women dancers and music players who will carry you in another world, far from reality.

To my knowledge, Jatinegara, near the train station and below the highway, is one of the only places in Jakarta where we can still watch traditional Jaipong shows. The audience (Mikrolet and Bajaj drivers) try to seduce the beautiful girls dancing smoothly on this strange music. Just drink a Bintang on a dirty seat, and enjoy the fun.

More infos about Jaipongan in this article of the Miami News Time: Gamelan and Jaipongan Live.

To find the place, here are some directions: You have to go in front of Jatinegara train station, take up the street along the railroad. There is a smalll market. When you get to a red light, cross the railway and on the next crossing, turn on the right. Walk 30 more meters (you are still parallel to the railway but on the other side), you will arrive there.. I'm not sure this is very clear, but if it's not, go to the train station and ask some people your way. Good luck!
This article was written by my friend SZ. More info on our french blog, dedicated to Jakarta's nightlife most hidden places: Click here!

4 comments to '' Jaipongan - Where to listen to Jaipong in Jakarta? (Jatinegara) "

  1. Thank you for the finest Jajarta nightlife website ever, and especially for this jaipong jatinegara. As I couldn't find any Sundanese music performance at the previous trip in Bandung except some dangdut music with sunda taste, it was really a great experiance for me to visit this dirty but fantastic place. Though there was no good dancer here, the groove of the music was really nice.

    Please let me mention some notes here.

    - The place is to the east and north a bit from Jatinegara station. We can ask the location to the local people around the station.

    - They are playing for the money. For the small bills (Rp1000) for tips to the singers, the staffs here would exchange for us.

    - Even the motor cycle taxi driver said that we tourists should "hati-hati(be careful)" in this area. I personally thought we should, but don't need too much nervous.

  2. Really want to go? But hasn't a ban occured on this? Any idea when the shows occur? Hard to find info

  3. I meant "i really want to go!"

  4. Still happening,

    also whirling dangdut carts at the railroad crossing