Ya Udah bistro used to be one of the only reasons (the other one being girls) some of Jakarta's finest expats ever set foot in Jalan Jaksa. Indeed, the food there was really something worth spending a few hours in a cab...

The place closed for a while and reopened in a new location, only a few hundred meters from where the previous place was, on Jalan Johar. (that is: when you are at the end of Jaksa, instead of turning right to Sarinah, in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, turn on the left and you will see YaUdah, all in yellow).

Yaudah bistro is mostly german food with some indonesian specialties (nasi goreng, noodles, etc). Expect big portions, even for the starters. It is not that cheap, about 80,000rp for a good meal with drinks, but it is well worth it, and maybe one of the best value for money in town.

Open every day from 8am to 12pm (2am on friday and saturday)

Update May 2011: The food in Ya-Udah has become quite overpriced, and the standards have gone low. Not recommended anymore. For German food in Jakarta, try Die Stube or Paulaner Brauhaus.

Contact details:
Ya Udah Jakarta
Jl Johar 15
Gondangdia, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350
Tel: 3140343
Email: info at nusaglobal.com
Website: Ya Udah Restaurant Jakarta

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4 comments to '' Ya Udah Bistro (Near Jaksa) "

  1. I was just at Yaudah and the food was great. The have great pork knuckles & chicken roasted on a spit and a large selection of German & Swiss food.
    The also just added Kilkenney 500ml for Rp 49,500.

    The portions are quite large and NOT over-priced. The grilled pork chops are excellent and come with side dishes, (like German potatoes) for Rp 60,000! (Huge portion!)

    It's very popular with expats and every time I've been there - it's been been packed with expats and locals. (You wouldn't find a lot of locals if the prices were too high!)

    Definitely worth checking out and it's located around the corner from Cemara Hotel in Menteng..

  2. Dunno what could have provoked the high prices comment, as Ya Udah must have some of Indonesia's best value - for generously portioned quality European meals.

    I go there for the wide varieties of sausages, German style pork dishes and the big salads. I dont recall that anything on the menu costing more than Rp100,000 - most items cost only Rp50-60,000, which is very reasonable

  3. Dast is scheisse

  4. go there for cheap pork
    very tasty and cheap
    the pork chop was 75k, and the big bintang was 38k - almost as cheap as jl jaksa - you can walk from jaksa easy. and its not far from onas/gambir area
    only complaint is the service is average, but to be fair where is the service good in sabang/jaksa/wahid haysim area?