Vertigo/X-lounge - Jakarta - CLOSED

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Located on the 16th and 17th floors of Plaza Semanggi's building, the two clubs Vertigo (with electronic music) and X-Lounge (with R&B/Hip Hop) can be accessed with the same entrance ticket. The club used to be the place to be in Jakarta (in 2005 or so), draining the most beautiful girls of the city, sitcom actresses and models. Today, it is no longer a very happening place, especially when compared to X2 /Blowfish/Dragonfly. Yet, it remains popular with a certain crowd, even during the week, and the prices are still high. You should also be careful to dress properly.

Customers are a bit younger than before (I say this about a lot of places, maybe I'm the one getting older...) and it consists of locals mostly. Vertigo and X-Lounge took many of the clients of Bliss/Loft25 after it closed, and this is not surprising since the two concepts were very similar.

Concerning Vertigo only, the music there is usually quite good and less commercial than in the rest of Jakarta. The sound system is also excellent.

It has a popular student night on Thursdays and ladies' night (free flow until 1am) on Wednesdays.

Contact details:
Vertigo Jakarta and X-Lounge Jakarta
Veteran Building 16th-17th fl in Plaza Semanggi
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 50
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone number (021) 2553-9892
Fax number (021) 2553-6756

Facebook fan page: Vertigo/X-Lounge

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