Venue Kemang - Bar & Nightclub

By The Jakarta Team
The Venue is a popular lounge in Kemang, especially with young students and teenagers from the international schools in the South of Jakarta. The reason they are popular is that they don't ask for IDs so it's pretty easy to get in even if you are underage.

Drinks are cheap, but I'm not 100% sure the alcohol is genuine. Small swimming pool in the back where you can throw yourself to. Starting at 10pm on weekend, DJs spin progressive and house music.

For info about events, check their Instagram: The Venue Kemang

Venue Kemang Bar & Lounge
Jl. Kemang Selatan No.2
Telephone no: +62-21 780 5610
Mobile/HP: 08388242242

10 comments to '' Venue Kemang - Bar & Nightclub "

  1. it's a very childist place

  2. secure was sucks......
    i"ve lost my cell phone there...

  3. not really girl can get well easly

  4. Ganesh Sidharth KMay 9, 2012 at 12:02 PM

    Nice crowd..... Just checking out now

  5. The word is childish, not 'childist'.

    "secure was sucks"? That doesn't make any sense. If you lost your cell phone, you have only yourself to blame. You really should be able to keep it secure yourself.

    "No girl can get well easly'??? What?? What does that even mean?

    I think its safe to say I won't be going to this place EVER

  6. The crowd was dead, it was crowded, but there was almost no mingling at all. I'm a girl, I swear the guys were so... reserved? My goodness, its a night out, dance. If not with me or anyone else at least get off the chairs.

    1. You should have contacted me girl... I can be a fun mate on the dance floor and anywhere else I wanna be so long you are a fun too.. ;-)

  7. I was there a couple of times in february 2015. Good place. Not too many hookers and the dancefloor was crowded. DJ played good music, much of it was "stadium-music" (from the period just before Stadium closed).

  8. Be careful, do not go to Venue Kemang. It is a dangerous place as most clubs are in Jakarta. On May 23rd, a man named Jopi Peranginangin was stabbed to death in this club. You can check the news on google. The management of Venue is linked to mafia so you have been warned!