Bar with live band full of old prostitutes, a bit more hip-hop than CJ's and Bats. The crowd is more older and less funky than those of Bats and Cj's. Expensive and not really worth it for me but it has many fans both among expatriates and local people. An old favourite of Jakarta's nightlife.
30 or Tiga Puluh bar & Live music
in Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
Kav 18-20, 10220 Jakarta, Indonesia

Website: Le Meridien
Facebook: 30 Jakarta

14 comments to '' Tiga Puluh - 30 - Jakarta Hotel Bar (Le Meridien Hotel, Jalan Sudirman) "

  1. That's not a very nice thing to say about the band.

  2. Stayed at that hotel in 2007 on business and went in here for one drink due to an early morning pick up. Knowing full well the scene in Jakarta, and with no interest in 'ayam', I was sure I would be out quickly.

    Ended up taking a girl upstairs to my room that was a "normal" chick but a freak in bed. No money exchanged. Jakarta - always surprises!

  3. Just went last night (Friday Dec 10). Had been wanting to check this place out. It was kinda dead, maybe 20 customers in the main club area. Live band was decent, sang mostly hip hop. Outside of the club area by the pool table and outside bar there was maybe another 10 customers or so. Pretty weak for a Friday night. And not many single ladies (ayam or otherwise).

  4. Went to Jakarta on bussines in june 2011 and stayed at Le Meridien, at nigth I went with my partners to the nigth club Tiga Puluh, great ambiace full of people
    There were a very good group Cinderella Rockafella very good .friendly We got
    A very nice evening. No ayams........

  5. Any fellow checked that place recently? Is it busy again? Haven't been there for almost 2 years after getting in 2 times into a completely empty bar (of course paid cover charge first with no one giving any warning...)

  6. Anyone wanna team up with ,e to recheck this place out? Thinking about going there on the 24th evening. I used to LOVE this place when I was younger (well mostly was because I had a fling with the bassist of the then playing band hehehe). Curious to see what it's like now.

  7. Went in last night. At 11 pm there were a few 6-7/10 girls lurking about and a bunch of somewhat aggressive and fat 3-4/10 girls.

    Band was good but the place was fairly empty and too loud.

    I split after 5 minutes. Maybe it got better after midnight? Maybe...

  8. Yep - went there last night - packed with babes 20 to 30 yrs - not too pushy. 100 bucks for an all nighter upstairs (no hassle from obliging hotel staff) and gave me a bareback blowy this morning. the hotel is a dump, but I will resist my colleagues's desires to trade up to the Ritz carlton next time

  9. Has anyone been to this club recently?

  10. Has anyone been to this club recently? How is the crowd? will i have any luck in meeting new "friends" on a Monday or Tuesday night?

  11. The bar is a dump. Good band playing there saturday nights but it has lost its crowd. Am guessing that has to do with the hotel looking all dark and deserted.

  12. How would one compare this to the bar/night clug at the Ritz Carlton to meet and pick up a nice lady for the night ?

    1. If you're in the price-range of the Ritz Carlton and meeting girls is you goal, you best cut to the chase and book into the Mulia Hotel or Shangri-La. Both top quality hotels and the bars (CJs and BATS) are a dead cert for meeting girls - unless you are fat, ugly, too drunk, too old or any combination of those.

      The likes of Le Meridien and Ritz Carlton are 'maybe' bars - in fact i don't think the Ritz is especially known for its pickup potential.

  13. Do they still have old ladies looking for bule.