Tiga Kuda is a popular bar for middle easterners/arabs inside Hotel Menteng (be careful, there are 3 hotel Menteng in the area). Arab music but not only. Lots and lots of prostitutes, with also some belly dancing sexy shows. The entrance fee is 60,000 rp.
Same comment than for De Leila about the specificity of this place regarding the girls sexual practices there...
We have more stuff about it on our french blog about Jakarta's Nigthlife: Click here!

Tiga Kuda (Three Horse)
In Hotel Menteng II
Jalan Cikini Raya 105
Jakarta Raya, Indonesia

Website: Hotel Menteng II
Telephone: +62-21 31925543, 31930842

4 comments to '' Tiga Kuda - Arab bar and night club (Central Jakarta, Hotel Menteng II, Jl Cikini Raya) "

  1. as you said about anal sex!

  2. Is Tiga Kuda open on Sunday nights?

  3. Tiga Kuda is open every Sunday night yes.... I think you should try De Leila instead if you like arab bars. For shisha, go to the Arab Tent Café in Jalan Raden Saleh... Personally I don't like Tiga Kuda, it's becoming old now... Most of my friends agree with me.

  4. already closed since 28 dec/12