Tanamur Discotheque Jakarta (Tanah Abang Timur) CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team

The Queen of Disco in Jakarta... Old expats still remember... Was taken down by Stadium...
The club opened in 1970 and was in 2004 the oldest western-style disco in Southeast Asia. At the time it opened, there were only one four-star hotel in the city, Hotel Indonesia, which was also the only multi-storey building... At the time, all foreigners would meet in this place: Oil expats, hippies, Dutch ex-colonial residents, surfers, gays, transvestites and a lot of local girls of course...

Tanamur diskotik
Jl Tanah Abang Timur no 14

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29 comments to '' Tanamur Discotheque Jakarta (Tanah Abang Timur) CLOSED "

  1. Ah Tanamur...!!!
    Once described as the most densely populated part of the most densely populated island (Java) in the world.
    Back in the early 1990s there were very few places to go in Jakarta and the expats did the rounds of the 3 "T"s - The Tavern at the Aryaduta Hotel till around midnight (still there but not like before) - then to Tanamur till it closed around 3am followed by Tambora in Blok M (sadly it burned down as an insurance job in 1997) till the sun came up.
    I am a 20+ year veteran expatriate in Indonesia and met my wife in Tanamur in 1993 - as did very many expats in the '80s & '90s - so much so that Tanamur used to have an annual night just for married couples who had met in Tanamur.
    It is a real shame it closed as it is a unique part of the history of Jakarta and all SE Asia. The owner, Fahmi, since passed away in 2007 so any hope a resurrected Tanamur were buried with him.

  2. I lived in Jakarta in the 90s as an expat and it is true the 3 Ts, Tavern, Tanamur and Tambora. Tanamur was unique. The best disco ever¡¡¡¡. I was thinking of returning to Indonesia and my only interest of visiting Jakarta was Tanamur but ....

  3. The best place ever to dance your heart out....full of memories..i hope they'll do something about that place..the bridge, crowded ladies toilet..LOL, ahhh...94' i wish I could turn back to that time and rewinded so i can make the right decision about someone...:)

  4. qu est qu on s est marre dans ce truc

  5. Yes i also spent my saturday nights at Tanamur during their glory and it was the best disco in jakarta where you meet different type of people, different classes, which made you feel that the world is free !!!!!!!no discrimination. How beautifull it was. Eventhough it was so crowded and you hardly breath inside, you kept on coming back. Magic !! What a pity, with indonesian modernization and their new regulations, there will not be a second Tanamur......oh Tanamur ..you are the best of Jakarta .

  6. Yes, no doubt that Tanamur was so exotic and sexy...
    The best disco ever in Jakarta....
    I had a very good time with my girlfriend back in 1977 - 1988....
    Place where I never ever forget.....

  7. Tanamur and next door JJs both made my day (actually my night) during my first ever visit to this remarkable city. The Girls were lovely and even now, nearly 15 years ago, I still look back with affection at one particulary lovely girlfriend experience.
    Returned recently to Jakarta, just for a nostalgic visit all the way from the Uk and after searching high and low from Kota to Jalan Jaska and all the way down to Block M, and back again via the likes of CJS, BATS, Stadium and several other new ones which have cropped up in North Jakarta, I still havent or hadn't found what I was Looking for.
    Time to move on and stop living in the past I suppose, but what a memory all the same.

  8. Were there with my friends as a part of a graduation trip and it was pure magic. Will forever be in my heart.

    Fredrik, KTH-school, graduation class of -97.

  9. De 95 à 98 à Jakarta!! Que de bringues entre le Tanamur et le Tembora!!


  11. Great to read so many comments about the old bars; When it came to Tanamur i was more upstairs than downstairs (ex regulars will know what i mean). fun place, others were Tambora, Bats, Jl Jaksa, Moonlight, Cafe Jalan Jalan, CJ's, Cafe Batavia.... does anybody remember a club called Kharisma in the Gajah Mada area,, would have been about 1995?....small, sweaty, dark

  12. had a great time at tanamur in 1988

  13. Tanamur and JJ's were the best. Period.

  14. I lived in Jakarta during 1986-87 while 22 and serving in the marines. We would go to the Tanamur so often the cab drivers know we we lived. I could walk to Hotman one in mentang and used to get in free. memories

    1. I might know who you are....I was there until 86 ran across a few guys at the Embassy.

  15. Tanamur, being 21 in 1997 during a holiday break after "work" in Singapore. Awesome time...

  16. yeah btw 1995 and 1998 my first 3 years in Jakarta. We mostly went to Hardrock first (then ofcourse above MC donalds Sarinah, and afterwards Tanamur and JJ's to finish off (most times) in Tambora Bok M.

    I remember the doorguys (entrance to Tanamur was 20.000 rupia if memory serves me right) and they always let this poor young bule in for free

    Went back to Jakarta in early 2005 and by then Tanamur was still open but i was the only bule there. It had declined into some kind of gay bar by then with still a few girls.

    Funny thing is that i took my first and only girl in Tanamur on that visit in 2005, i had never taken any girls in the '90's there

  17. I met my swedish man in 1989, Iwas just 23 at that time, we are still together until today with 1 lovely daughter, Tanamur has gone but we are still together until today... thanks Tanamur

  18. In 1989/1990. When there were still bejacs on the streets. It was called 'doing a HoTaTa'. Start with the Hotman Bar, followed up by Tanamur and always end up in the Tambora. Although we often started in the Jaya Pub before commencing the HoTaTa. Great times.

  19. J'ai passé plus de 12 Ans en Indonésie , de 1973 à 1984 , quelle époque ..... en 1974 l'on faisait des courses de Becaks sur la Tamrin la plus grande Avenue de Jakarta , le Tanamour restera pour moi l'endroit le plus pacifique , tolérant su Sud-Est Asiatique , si un jour une connaissance où un ami vous dira qu'il est passé à Djakarta entre 1973 et 2007 , demandez lui si il a connu le Tanamour , si ce dernier vous répond non c'est qu'il n'a jamais mis les pieds à Jakarta , c'est un gros menteur , à l'époque il y avait aussi Priok , Le Menteng ( près de la voie ferrée ) Jalan Gandangia Lama , une anédocte sur le Tanamour , au moment des vacances scolaires à Djakarta les épouses des expats rentraient en France , la soirée d'après le Tanamour était archi plein ...... et en fin de soirée au Tanamour il fallait descendre ce putain d'escalier , quelle époque et quelle Nostalgie

  20. C'etait en 94-95. Je vivais à Jakarta à l'époque. Quels souvenirs! C'était Tanamur et Tambora au moins 2 fois par semaine. Je n'oublierai jamais les moments passés la-bas. Comme le dit Michel, probablement l'endroit le plus tolérant au plus fort brassage social du Sud-Est Asiatique. J'ai voyagé dans plus de 50 pays et n'ai JAMAIS retrouvé cette ambiance unique.

  21. 1991-1993 I went a lot of times, almost always, to Tavern, Tanamur and Tambora. Had great times there.

  22. As the first comment said it was the most crowded spot on the most crowded place on earth. I went once - taken there by an Indonesian guy back in 1994. We tried to make out way to the bar- it took 15 minutes. I was groped by nearly every person I passed. I didn't even get the chance to finish my drink as I was whisked away to go back to my hotel by someone else for a night of decadent fun.

  23. I frequented Tanamur in the early 1970's At the time I was visiting frequently discos in South East Asia and Europe, and it was my favorite as it had a special atmosphere with the mix of people from the highest to the lowest class. A few other discos then open such as Mini disco and so forth, but none could match the Tanamur. I had a special seat as I brought music direct from London to the DJ from Ambon. Sons of generals , Expats working in Indonesia, thugs and girls on the prowl, and European teenagers I was part of ( most American teenagers at school tended to avoid the place). Jakarta had few discos then or international hotels, was (compared to today) easier to get around. Amazing for such a mixed crowd very few altercations, and pretty much in those days everyone pretty much knew each other besides the Expat workers coming and going. The acoustics at that time were fantastic. Great place !

  24. i wish that i had visited Tanamur before it was closed in 2005. i was born in a very conservative family, in 1970s. so, going to discotheque was very rare for me. except, when i started to work as journalist, and was supposed to write bout Jakarta's night life in 1999 - 2001. i covered some discotheques in the city centre, especially Gajahmada, Hayamwuruk street for human-interest story. After After some time, for around 20 years, i felt i missed the idea of covering another side of Jakarta night-life. i tried to find the icon of Jakarta's night life in 1970 - 1990 s. the one (reference) i found, was Tanamur Discotheque.

  25. spent the summer of 93 in jakarta and most nights at tanamur and jj's. man that was a fun summer. like shooting fish in a barrel.

  26. I went to Jakarta three or four times every year for my job, from 1991 to 2000, visiting our subsidiary. Every time for severeal weeks. I was introduced to Tanamur right away and it was magic. I was not a "disco type", but Tanamur wad surreal, fascinating, absurd, crazy, charming, it was everything, and if you have not been there it is quite difficult to try and explain and describe what it was. Never seen a fight. Never a raw, never arguments. Just fun, peace and love.
    Somebody a few days ago, another expat reminded me of those unbelievable places in Jakarta, and I fondly remember them all. What glorious years!!!!!! But it was so many years ago, and now, after meeting that Scottish guy at my friend's home, nostalgia is hitting me really badly.
    Those memories will always be in my mind and in my heart.
    Hard work days, but nights full of fun!
    A long drive by taxi from Kemang to there, but it was magnetic! You could be tired by work but that power of attraction could make you run on foot to there ah ah!!!
    What about Jaya Pub? And the sirloin at the Tavern? Bat's, JJ, pit stop.... How many!
    Well, it was nice to talk about these places with my friend's friend and my wife and the others could not understand what we were talking about!
    I simply said to them you cannot understand. Tanamur is a legend. How can you explain a legend? How can you explain Peter Pan's Island?
    A place which was utopia on earth. Everybody mixing with every other person in pure peaceful fun. No, I have no words to tell what I feel but I am glad to read all your comments and I know that those years are not a dream but a real part of my life. And I am proud to have experienced that life and those places.