Another seedy, huge one-stop entertainment in Kota, with pumping Techno Kota, girls and complete obscurity. I call it the "ectasy factory".
Go there and you'll figure why... Very agressive I thought. It's a nightmare to get out because the taxis are all crooks. So better you walk your way out until Hayam Wuruk...

There is a karaoke and massage parlour, politely called "Hotel Sydney 2000". Dirty .

Sydney 2000 Jakarta
Jl Hayam Wuruk Pert Glodok Jaya Lt 9
Phone number:
+62 21 625 0686

7 comments to '' Sydney 2000 Disco and Executive Club (Plaza Glodok Jaya 9th Floor) CLOSED "

  1. Hi Everyone.. I love going out in Jakarta and so this guide is excellent... I've heard about Sydney 2000 before and last night I went (Dec 18 2009)....

    The music was so loud I was literally vibrating and after drinking 2 quick beers I left... I've been in many clubs in Indonesia and I'll never go back to this one...

    The 2 good things were that there were alot of sexy girls and the waiters were quite friendly.. but too hard to talk..

    It was a relief to leave..


  2. Sydney 2000 is indeed a shithole, but for cultural monument lovers, it is one of the last old-style one-stop entertainment in Jakarta... My guess is that whithin 5 years these places will diasppear and make room for more western style clubs...

  3. Jakar ta under ground

  4. tempat krja w dulu nehhhh....jadi kangennnnn

  5. is just pure bullshit. Dont go there

  6. Is it still open???

  7. Its not a club anymore, only karaoke rooms...