The Stix bar was one of the first Salsa bars in Jakarta. Good salsa/latino music live band. The crowd is above 30-something. Some working girls.

Stix is very famous for its steaks (especially Australian Wagyu and Black Angus beef), which a few years ago where still hard to find in Jakarta so it was there or in BATS that we had to go to escape from the noodle and rice routine...

It has special promos every night, but the most interesting ones are on Monday when you can get two dishes for the price of one, on Thursday for lady's night, on Saturday with 50% off all drinks and on Sunday also as they have live band with acoustic guitar and the steaks are half-price.

Everyday, the live band performs from 9.30pm Mondays to Thursdays and 10pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Happy hours from 5pm to 8pm.

Stix bar & live music
in The Park Lane Jakarta
Jalan Casablanca Kav. 18
Jakarta 12870, Indonesia
tel: (62-21) 828 2000
fax: (62-21) 828 2222

The bar has a dedicated part in the Park Lane Hotel website and it gives information on events and promos: Park Lane Hotel's Stix.

If you like Stix's kind of bar = small hotel bars with live music, you may like the following places: Pitstop, Velvet, Grand Manhattan.

7 comments to '' Stix Bar and Live Music (Park Lane Hotel) "

  1. Is a bad place to go....because you can find prostitutes everywhere even on the hotel elevator!!!! and they follow clients to the rooms,very unsafe place to stay also

  2. Absolutely rediculous. The remarks made by Anonymous on Aug19,2010. Its a nice hotel, well secured and the place is not having any prostitutes as mentioned loitering around. Stix and other facilities there are impeccable.

  3. Not Recommended place to hang out.....

  4. Hi All,

    I went there on Saturday. They had a band playing various rock and commercial stuff. The band was realy great, especially the singers (they were 3 of them). Apart from that, the bar was empty: I found about 3 or 4 customers, apparently all men, and all from the hotel. Not so many working girls (3 or 4 as well), and not pretty at all. Quite boring place I must say, I wouldn't go there again.

  5. I was going to stix on wenesday night,its really fun going there.i start wit happy hour wit flippy coin,,and i get like 4 times chivken when i flip the coin thats mean i got 4 times free chicken..and they also have rock band on that night which is my favorite,,,
    I love going to stix bar..make me happy
    And i will going there soon

  6. I went there recently and had a steak with beans and fries. The steak was great. The live band, consisting of 4 Indonesian rockers where talented with a varied
    repertoire, although the volume was a bit high for my ears.

    Some western and Indonesian guests. 5 or 6 working girls as well but they kept discreetly to the back at the bar and did not approach me.

  7. Steak and beans guy again. As for the comment about safety posted August 19, 2010 at 5:03 AM I do not agree. All persons entering the Hotel, including staying guests as myself, must pass the security check, which is the same as other premium hotels in Jakarta.

    I stayed there in October this Year (2013)-