Potato Head Café (Pacific Place Mall) - CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team

Updated 2019: Potato Head has closed and it is replaced with Robot & Co.

Located in Pacific Place Mall, Potato Head is one of the hippest cafes you'll find in Jakarta. It has tables and sofas outside, a challenge for Jakarta considering the pollution/humidity and warmth, but surprisingly, it is actually nice to hang outside for once. Of course, if staying away from airconditioning scares you, there are also tables inside and that would even give you a reason to check the cool vintage industrial design of the place. Good reputation for food but extremely expensive: I had the Wagyu Beef Burger, which was ok but I paid over Rp150,000 for it plus the drink. To be honest, I don't really see what all the fuss is about this restaurant. I enjoy the creative interior and the average ++ food, but it's not the best restaurant in Jakarta by far. Just come get a drink after shopping in Pacific Place maybe, and then move somewhere else for eating.

It is very close from Bursa Efek Jakarta's towers, and in the heart of the CBD so something I also enjoyed while being there is the cosmopolitan feel you get in this area, making you feel Jakarta can compare with Singapore or KL.

It's just next to Capocaccia Jakarta, in case you're lost..

You have Potato Head's menu on its website, along with other stuff, you should check it out because it's quite creative: Jakarta Potato Head.

For their special events, you can also look at:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ptthead
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/PTTHEAD

Update December 2010:
I had lunch in Potato Head and got the Rp75,000 Kafta Sandwich.. Good food but overpriced. Not so many people inside that day.

Potato Head Jakarta Address
Pacific Place Mall G 51A SCBD
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53

Tel. (62-21) 5797 3322

Business hours:
From 11am to midnight from Sunday to Wednesday and from 11am to 2am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Here are some photos from their website... it was for the opening party so don't expect to have something similar if you go there on a normal day.

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12 comments to '' Potato Head Café (Pacific Place Mall) - CLOSED "

  1. Visited Jakarta for a week in early April 2011. We stayed at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, so it was easy to spot this place. I went here at least three times (lunch and dinner) because of its food quality, ambience, customers, and of course location. I tried escargot, lamb shank, seafood skewer, chocolate cake, and some other cocktails on these three different occasions. The food was very good, maybe too much for local stomach. To me, the price is reasonable, but maybe not for average local. One time our waitress served us well, but she roamed around and was replaced by a waiter. We had an argument that a waitress needs to stick with its table rather than go around. It was such a waste of energy to argue with this kinda people who probably didn't even finish high school. Anyways, I highly recommend this place for both foreigner and local.

    1. Well just for your info, every waiter/waitress in Jakarta have to have a high school diploma to apply for job, esp in highend's resto or cafes. Some places even ask for a college diploma. So please have a little respect to *those kinda people*.

    2. That's typical arrogant bule attitude... probably US

    3. Singaporean lah.

    4. "That's typical arrogant bule attitude... probably US"

      That's typical prejudiced Indonesian attitude, probably Indo Chinese...

  2. i just visited this bar, and i think this place is simply awesome. good drinks, havent tried the food though..overall this bar is soo recommended

  3. Been here several times since. I agree with the blog that the food is only OK. The reason I keep coming back there was because it was hip and close by. For the money you could get better food at other restaurants.

  4. awesome! good drinks, cozy ambience

  5. the apple crumble which was recommended by another guide was really good, nice warm served, crispy top and quality ice cream. the kofta is really fast food and the waiters were too eager to clear my table even my Indonesian friend found it so strange.will come back for the apple crumble and perhaps the cocktails.

  6. Yes , i agree.. And not all well-educated people have good respect or well-mannered.. Its just money that takes you there.. I like this place , had a birthday dinner here before or just for some coffee afterwork on weekdays..

  7. don't be racist and judging. not all of us ppl like that..