Pappa Cafe Jalan Jaksa

By The Jakarta Team

I don't know why I forgot to review Pappa Café, because even though it's far from being the best bar in town, i think it is a memorable bar in Jakarta. It competes with Memories Café as one of the most famous bars in Jalan Jaksa, and Im sure 95% of backpackers in Jakarta already ate or enjoyed their first Bintang there.

Pappa Cafe is probably almost alway open, and almost always a little empty. It depends. Usually, it is better to go there very late, at 3am or around, because you encounter weird specimen. Drunks backpackers flirting with ladyboys, a Papu trying to sell you shabu-shabu, a preman (mafia-like street owner) coming to shake your hand and proposing you to sleep with his cousin girl, etc... Many great crazy nights there for me!

Concerning the place in itself, it is dirty and cheap, and the food is not very good (and especially the indonesian one).

There is a good website for info about jalan jaksa, it's Jakchat, on which you can ask one of the long term expats very active on jaksa some info about everything related to Indonesia. They will answer quite fast.

Pappa Cafe Jakarta
41, Jalan Jaksa
Phone number: +6221 - 3192 3452

5 comments to '' Pappa Cafe Jalan Jaksa "

  1. I reckon the food in Papa's as one of the tastiest in the list mentioned here.! We go to Papa's every now and then and so far never disappointed! Try their chicken curry with Chapati ot their nasi goreng seafood. Real treats. Beer is cold and cheap too

  2. Unfortunately this is not true anymore. The new owner (Indian) has kicked out the old koki so the food is a shade if what it was before.... :(
    Besides that he ruined the place by splitting the place in 2 so it became very cramped in there.
    So Jakarta lost another nice eating place were the food was good... Cool Bintang still there

  3. Anyone remember "Mark" ? Red in the face drinking Bintang to the last possible minute before leaving 10 minutes late to teach English because beer costs money. He and his entourage called me in to drink early with some horrible Christian televangelist blabbing on and on. Mark hijacked the TV remote control.

  4. Anyone remember Mark ? Red in the face hanging out drinking Bintang to the last possible moment before going to teach English 10 minutes late because beer costs money.