Nu China (Kemang)

By The Jakarta Team

Nu China Kemang is a popular bar with house/progressive music, probably one of the best in Kemang (at least one of the most happening). It is crowded almost everyday so if you don't know where you could go out during the week, it might be a very good option for you.

As in everywhere in Kemang, patrons are quite young, in their early twenties on average, sometimes less and they are mostly high school and university students. Many cute girls.

Rp 60,000 entrance fee on week ends (amybe more now), Rp50,000 on weekdays. Open till late (5am).

Update June 2011: Nu China has competition in Kemang. It is not as crowded as it used to be, and it is too bad there is a cover charge to get in even on weekdays.
Nu China Bar and Lounge
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 24
South Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 719 3854 or +62-21 536 91026
For infos and sofa booking: Call Mira (087886084589)

Website (with events): Nu China Kemang
Facebook group: Nu China Fanpage

16 comments to '' Nu China (Kemang) "

  1. I have been to Nu China on 30.09.2010. It was empty - only about 20 guests. The music was too much house for me as I thought they played the same track for 3 hours. They only have Heineken, no other beer which is a downer. The best on the place was the cute waitress. Don't know if I will go there again, but maybe to see the waitress again.

  2. Nu China not as happening as before in Kemang... For better spots, try 365 or Beer Garden... 999, Tipsy and sometimes NightFlite can be busy too for special events and during weekends..

  3. overpriced and dead most nights

  4. only retard spend money on a place like this while other people is "dying" just for a plate of rice

  5. Very smart remark "Anonymous", you must be a genius.

  6. Went there yesterday on saturday night but the place was not really packed and for me Triple 9 is way much more happening.


  7. Love to hang out in there on weekends,

    Urmas Saask

  8. I been this place last night, just my two cent, if you haven be there before, you can forget about this joint, even in weekend, the crow is suck.

    If you have to pay the same price to entrance (Rp60k), you can try out Lipsy, crowded & many choise.

  9. The web "nu china kemang" is not available anymore.. It's change into:

  10. oh, and here's their new fanspage:

  11. i just went there last week with my fellas. NU China is completely changing now! the atmosphere were very great. it made me and my fellas fist pumping all night long. they have 3 type of FDR. IDR25000 one glass of drink start from draft beer, red label, chivas, vodka and tequila. 50.000 2 glass. and 75000 3 glass. there are a lot of nice girls and music is good. might visit there again in the nmear future

  12. was there last night - wed jan 18th 2012 - dead - mostly filled with young indo guys in their 20's - cover charge and then they insist you order a drink before entry and ask you to select one of five premium spirits at Rp 100,000 ! - place is small and layed-out like a 'mini red square' total waste of time and money & basically a rip-off pass it!

  13. Boleh tau price open sopa nya gak???? minta infonya ya, thx

  14. went there last weekend
    cover charge was 75k IDR an you get welcome drinks
    weekdays is always cover charge free for the ladies
    good crowd on the club anniversary, many youngsters
    the security guy at the entrance act like you are a hobo
    place is rather small with below average sound system & DJ

  15. Went there a few weeks ago in Dec 2014 don't waste your time. This place is really boring, the dance floor is so small u won't believe it. If u r looking to get nasty on the dance floor forget it. With all the hype surrounding Jakarta this place is a big disappointment.