Girls bar with house/Rnb music. 10 girls for 1 guy ratio. Come there late and drunk if you want to have fun. It used to be the most popular place on Blok M but now it's not so good. Typical of a Southeast Asia hooker bar.

Live music (rock/top 40) on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
Sexy bar dancers on Friday and Saturday nights

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My Bar
Jl. Falatehan 1 no. 16, Blok M
Phone number: +62-21 739 6510

Website : Jakarta My Bar
Facebook with the latest information, promos and photos: MyBar Blok M

My bar is also famous for editing the Blok M Calendar, with professional pics of some of the hottest working girls in Blok M. Here are a some sexy pics of the most beautiful models (in my opinion):

16 comments to '' My Bar or MyBar (Blok M) "

  1. Been there twice. Very old and rundown place. A lot of girls and only some of them are pretty. Exect to pay IDR 450.000 for short term. If you are still sober then stay away!
    June 2010

  2. My Bar Regular PatronDecember 31, 2010 at 6:25 AM

    I don't agree with the previous comment. My Bar is the oldest bar in Blok M and suffered the competition from D's place and Top Gun in 2008-2009, but the management has taken some initiatives to bring back the crowd, with live music and gogo dance, and I believe it is now back on its feet. All the bars in Blok M are very close to each other, so I would definitely advise you to visit My Bar if you happen to be in the area. It's never too late to go to another venue if you don't like it.. Cheers.

  3. Worst place on the block. Nothing special there, no pretty girls at all anymore and too commercial just like a bar in Pattaya.
    Top gun is better.

  4. old botches and not a good place at all....go next door to top gun

  5. went there at 10:00 pm. i was the only person in the whole bar. only one local girl getting a cigarette from me. however there was a live band playing some good songs. around 11.00 there were 2 bules and two more girls, all three of them not even worth.. but lol i felt like a king having a beer and the live band playing alone for me.

  6. Worst place ever!
    The owner is a hypocritical bastard as well.
    Hope this place will shut down, its better of for everyone.

  7. The new Indian owner did a lot to turn this place around. Unfortunately, last time around I heard he had taken ill and was undergoing treatment in Singapore. After Top Gun, this is my favorite place at the Blok to end the night with a nice takeaway.

  8. most girls look like indonesian maids, just like villager girls. disgusting girls. you better find better place at kemang area. this my bar is not recommended at all.suck

  9. suck hooker girls. if your taste is so bad so you better stay on the block.i asked to most of girls not to use condom,and they agreed. most girls dont use condom for careful of disease.

  10. full of disease-ridden, old, ugly hookers. avoid.

  11. Well last thing i herad the indian owner married one of these filthy hookers, just because she gave him a kidney that he needed, can you believe it?

  12. avoid this stupid bar, since a ex cheap girl from this place plays owner, the level of this place run down. ugly n old hookers, drunken indonesia people,no expats anymore the the cheap owner girl is cashier so the bill is everytime wrong to their favor!!!! Or they not com back with return money, or u get no bill. Entry for gays prohibited, also ex employees. The billiard pool table is dirty and since very lang time damaged. Boring music, no entertainment and mafia check the hookers.

  13. The "cheap girl from this place plays owner" supposed to be the one that was rude to me, by staring at ther too long, FUck her i said that she should learn some damn manners. She apologized , but it is unbelievable how careless the whole service there is nowadays, close this shit up!

  14. What’s it like at my bar since top gun has closed? Has the crowd moved here?

    1. Many Top Gun girls moved to Eastern Promise in Kemang.

  15. Still great here. It's an after hours club so doesn't expect much until late. It's the best after D's closes and people move over. Packed with girls.