Musro Night Club and Bar (Hotel Borobudur)

By The Jakarta Team
MusRo is one of the oldest nightclubs in Jakarta, since 1983. It closed after the 1998 financial crisis, then it reopened again in December 2007, with an ambition to attract "models and actresses" but unfortunately for them, it is not as popular as it used to be.

There are still some loyal customers though, in particular clubbers from the gay and lesbian community, and since the music is quite good, I think it is worth checking at least once. It is usually empty during the week, but on weekends and for special events it is better. To make sure it is happening, you may check their Instagram page for special events: MusRo Borobudur. If you come early, they have live music, followed by a DJ around midnight.

Opening hours:
Closed on Monday
Open until 4am on Friday and Saturday, and until 2am on normal days.

MusRo Jakarta (Music Room)
in Borobudur Hotel
Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan No.1
Jakarta, Indonesia

2 comments to '' Musro Night Club and Bar (Hotel Borobudur) "

  1. It's a cool nightclub, not so many foreigners, many students and some oom oom... but i regret the old musro!

  2. it's missed, not regretted. i miss it too. i remember when that opened. think i'll go to malam salsa there tomorrow and then write a post on my blog which i think is the best of the three ; )