The Live Music room in Mistere

Update 2013: The new name of Mistere is Tempus.

Mistere is the bar of the Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan. It features two different areas: One is similar to a nightclub with a scene for live bands and one less dark with Latin nights on Thursdays (Salsa) and Saturdays (Tango).

The crowd is what you would except from Ritz-Carlton, high-class with many expatriates and businessmen. You also have many ladies above 30 years-old (and some much older) that come for the latin nights and also, I suspect, to look for gigolos. I always see some odd couples in Mistere of old girls/young studs and it doesn't seem like big love to me. There are also some escorts, mainly in the live bar. It is very subtle but I observed one guy is always there with a few girls and he seems to be the pimp. He chats with customers and introduce them to one of the ladies, some of them are quite beautiful I must admit.
In the salsa room of Mistere
Mistere is one of my favourite venues in Jakarta, even though I don't dance salsa. I think the bands playing live are always quite entertaining and the sound system is great. The entrance fee is Rp100,000 and you will pay about the same price for any drink. That is not so much more expensive that other bars and clubs in Jakarta with similar standards.

It has a very expensive karaoke also (package start at Rp3.5 million) with great equipment and excellent service.

Following bombings in July 2009 of the Ritz Carlton and Marriott Hotel, the places have been closed for an short period of time.

Update March 2011: Salsa night do not happen on Tuesday anymore, only on Thursday. You also have a tango night on Saturday.
The room in Mistere for salsa and tango is now known as the Champagne Lounge to differentiate it from the live music room, the Live Bar.
Opening hours:
From 6pm to 2am (later on weekends). Closes on Sunday and Monday)

Contact details:
Ritz-Carlton Jakarta
JL. Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Kav. E.1.1 NO.1, Mega Kuningan
Phone Number Ritz Carlton Jakarta: (62-21) 2551 8888

Be careful, there are TWO Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta, on in Mega Kuningan, and the other one in One Pacific Place. Mistere Club is in Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan.

Website: Mistere Jakarta Ritz-Carlton (with the drink list and the prices)

15 comments to '' Tempus - Salsa Club and Bar (Ex- Mistere in Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan) "

  1. Just stayed at the hotel and loved this bar. I am a still attractive 50 yo euro lady, felt comfortable and safe.Plenty of eligible men still preferring euro girl. Especially for the cost of a couple of drinks!

  2. They have changed the name into Tempus. I liked it there.

  3. Hi euro girl,
    will you be there in March?

  4. how much is it to get a dance instructor?

  5. Is this place still happening??

  6. I've been wanting to go salsa dancing for awhile. Not sure if this would be a good place to go since I know no one in Jakarta lol

  7. Hey me too!Wanted to go salsa so badly but feel so shy as a new comers. I'm newly moved here from Malaysia! Wanna check it out the place soon!

  8. Just checking for salsa dancing too... haven't done it in ages. Would love to get back to it but going alone is a bit scary! Also am 50+ euro woman... just want to dance! Have been in Jakarta for 9 months.

  9. Heard that Cafe Aria do classes.. in Senayan

  10. I am a beginner in salsa and need friend(s) to go to salsa dance places to practice...

  11. Hope tonight are some dancing woman in tempus.......
    I will be there.
    AND YOU??

  12. Some intresting woman in to chat and drink?

  13. Any free drink for ladies this Friday?

  14. No free drinks to anyone on Friday nights which is the most crowd everywhere. Unless you pretty enough and meet a gentleman.

  15. Crazy expensive place. Don't ask for for menu to eat something. A normal pasta is around 200 thousand, where you can have salad for 100. Drinks are around 150 thousand. Entrance yes 100rb. If you not going for salsa on Thursday, better go to Loewy where has more class and everything is a lot more cheap.