Melly's Garden is a very popular hangout spot near Jalan Jaksa. If you are a tourist staying in the area, it is a much better choice than most of the bars located in the famous backpacker street. It is quite crowded on most nights, and the waiters may not visit your table before a moment so be patient...

They have all kind of cheap snacks and food. You should stick to the local dishes, they taste much better than any of the western ones. There are some foreigners, but the majority of the patrons are young Indonesians.

Overall: Recommended for the atmosphere, the open-air and the prices. Better for drinking than for eating.

Advice: Bring mosquito repellent!
Opening Hours: From 11am until 3AM, everyday

Melly's Garden has changed location. It is now
Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam No 37-39
Central Jakarta
Phone number: 021 91275753
For information about the menu and their special events:
Facebook: Melly's Garden Jakarta
Instagram: Melly's Garden

Free wifi/accept all major credit cards

4 comments to '' Melly's Garden (Jakarta) "

  1. Melly's around the corner on Wahid Hasym is becoming more popular and has taken the bulk of the Romance crowd, but I for one cannot stand the holier-than-thou mix of teachers and NGO workers in the place.

  2. moved behind equal park cafe (at baruna seafood restaurant), nice place, nice service, nice price.

    but sadly, I was getting bored so fast, because, there's no live music performance.

  3. Great spot in the area, plus you can eat the great seafood from ikan bakar baruna. Other places to note in the area are Beer Garden and the rooftop bar 9th floor of kosenda building.

  4. i love this place...nice...nice and nice...
    i love the ballads rockcoustic too...
    GBU Melly's Garden