"Dangdut place next to Asmoro, and exactly the same kind of bar, except it is less crowded and less famous". SZ

I dont think the place will be there very long because the building is really old and shitty, and it looks a bit out of place now, in the middle of all the big towers... and who the hell listens to Dangdut except SZ?

Update November 2009: Surprisingly enough, Lone Star is still there in jalan Blora and celebrated its 30 years!!!. It has its own facebook fan group (Lone Star & Asmoro fan page) and, believe it or not, a website (Lone Star Dangdut)

Lone Star Jakarta - Jl. Blora no. 19, MENTENG - DUKUH ATAS - TOHSARI - JAKARTA PUSAT Telp.021-3918405

2 comments to '' Lone Star - Live Dangdut and Bar - (Jl Blora, Central Jakarta) "

  1. The Lone Star hasn't changed much since I first got to know it in 1985. It isn't going to appeal to everyone but if you don't mind dark and can cope with the music then the staff and the punters are friendly, the beer's cheap and the facilities are clean if basic. What more do you want?

  2. And it was STILL there on Tuesday this week! Dangdut upstairs, rock downstairs. Friendly people, especially the girls, and price of beer compares well to the posh hotels nearby!