Maybe one of the worst places I've been to in Jakarta and in my entire life. It is hard to believe a place can be so bad! All the above photos were taken when the club was still open. We were the only customers, but the band was there, plus the waiters, plus some prostitutes, plus the DJ. The karaoke VIP rooms are just amazing, with one small TV and no seats but a concrete floor with a pole for striptease in the middle. You definitely have to check the pictures we took when we were there. Just click on the link to our french blog. It is dirty, gloomy and so cheap!

My dear friend SZ, who loves this kind of dirty night spot wrote the following about KSC 17:
"A wonderfull low-class dangdut-disco-karaoke. The place is under renovation but it is still opened during the maintenance. Enjoy a warm Anker while listening to bad dangdut in an enormous empty room with no aircon." SZ.

The club is on Jalan Garuda, near Pecenongan, at the number 17. I doubt it's still open though...

3 comments to '' KSC 17 (Kelinci & Scorpion Karaoke and Dangdut) (Jalan Garuda 17, near Golden Boutique Hotel, Jakarta Pusat) "

  1. Looks it is still in operation. I live near by but never had the gut to try.

  2. hell yeah ... Still open till these day !

  3. how could they still manage to pay maintanance like electricity,water and employees
    must be owned by some poor native business man who don't know how to treat customers,at all: don't know how to do business.
    even they are dirt cheap nobody would go there.
    no wonder they play dangdut(music for low and poor villagers)
    want a real treat you should visit to other place ,there are many of them arround Jakarta who all owned by proffesional Chinese Indonesian business men and tycoons with powerful connection to Indonesian military,police and governments with great and beautiful architecture inside,expensive audio system,modern music,clean,large crouds(many are expats),top quality girls(locals and imports).just find the threads up there