Kemang Food Festival (Kemang Raya)

By The Jakarta Team

Kemang Food Fest is a very popular night foodcourt, especially with local high school and college students. If you party in Kemang, chances are you will end up there at one point of your night either to start it or to finish it, and you shall see many familiar faces.

On Friday and Saturday nights, it is so packed you may find it hard to find both a parking space and a table. It is now also quite common to have live bands, that I find really too loud but Indonesians don't seem to mind. Choose your table first, and then you can wander around to get the food you like best. The prices are not as cheap as before, but it is affordable (a meal for 25,000rp on average). A good place to smoke shisha as well.

For guys, if you come here late (after 3AM), it's a perfect place to chat up girls, and by girls I mean the nice, student kind. One area is particularly worth mentioning, it is the Dim Sum Festival, which is the meeting point for most clubbers once all of South Jakarta's clubs have closed. If I'm not wrong, the place is opened 24/7.
Address (look for bright signs on the side of the street):
Kemang Food Festival
Jl. Kemang Raya 19
South Jakarta

Similar places: Skydining Plaza Semanggi (in which the crowd may be a bit older).

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  1. kemang food fest now (Jan 2011) isn't as much as how it was described above, the moment you sat down you'll be swamped by waiters/waitresses throwing their menus to you...pretty scary for a 1st timer but later on I noticed everyone regardless if you're local or a foreigner you'll get the same treatment :p

    Nasi Loli from Dapoer Rumah is exceptionally delicious!