K7 (Jalan Kunir 7, near Stasiun Kota) CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team
Update May 2011: K7 is closed, but I need to check it... I will confirm this when I have time to visit again. If you have the information, please leave a comment.

Update 2014: K7 is now replaced with 1001-Colosseum.

A very good place but unfortunately often empty. Good house music and techno in the 2 rooms, Ibiza and Colisseum. The Colisseum is a really huge, impressive room, that looks just like... well, the Colisseum.. It might be one of the biggest club in Jakarta, with 6000 people maximum among which 3000 for the Colisseum. The music in this room is more for indonesians though, namely funky house. Foreigners will probably enjoy more the Ibiza room. No so many girls for a Kota nightclub, I think it's an exception, showing that nightlife in Kota can be about something else than sex and massage parlours. And people don't seem so high also, at least in the Ibiza room.

They have international DJs once in a while: Armin Van Buuren, Christopher Lawrence...

A good address to know for those who like Kota. It is Be careful though when you are outside the club: There seems to me a Taxi mafia that will force you to pay ridiculously high price for a ride. I think the best thing to do to avoid them is to walk a little and try to grab a blue bird or express cab. Or to order one and wait in the lounge.
Contact details:
K7 Jakarta
Jl. Kunir No. 7
Jakarta 11110

Phone (62-21) 690-7575
Website: K7 Hotel & Executive Club
Facebook: K7

The following pictures of K7 club (Colisseum room) were taken during the concert of a famous Indonesian singer, Mulan Jameela:

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6 comments to '' K7 (Jalan Kunir 7, near Stasiun Kota) CLOSED "

  1. Hey guys, do u know when the Colisseum will re-open? Thx!!

  2. Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been to K7 before and on the 6th floor they have a massage parlor, the massage is 150.000 for 1 and half hours plus you can ask the girl for sex and just give her a tip after. I don't think this place is known for sex but you for sure can get it. The massage is good and the sex is good. You can choose from the selection of girls that they have also. Hope this helps! Give it a try :D

  3. Hi Matty,
    How bout the price?
    Can you please share?

    Thanks mate

  4. Hi, do their message parlour still operating? And how about the services.

  5. Re open with new name and you will be surprised
    cooming soon trial opening this month
    see u there ;-)

    see u

  6. Colosseum Club now open Friday-Saturday (during November). Colosseum Club comes with collaboration of complete entertainment with the best lighting and sound system in Asia.