Update May 2012: Indochine is closed and replaced by Priv√© Club.

Newly opened nightclub, bar and restaurant, Indochine is actually a Singaporean chain with franchise in all Asia and Europe. I must say I was a little disappointed there. The place is nice and has an upmarket feel, but in comparison with Blowfish, Dragonfly or Immigrant, there is something missing. I think that the idea behind Indochine was merely to replicate a cash-generating concept and what it lacks is the passionate individuals that were behind the previously mentionned bars. I went there a saturday night and it was almost empty; a pretty obvious sign that I'm not the only one having this feeling.

The club was apparently designed from a "beach club" concept. There is a nice swimming pool indeed, and some sand, but it seemed rather messy to me because the club combines those elements (beach, sand, palm tree, relax, etc) with an old Asian theme (the name Indo Chine, some of the furniture, etc...) without coherence. I just wish they could choose only one theme and stick to it.

A good reason to go however could be for the beach parties every sunday from 4pm to 10pm, but since it happens every week, I'm afraid the novelty will fade soon.
IndoChine Jakarta
fX lifestyle X’nter f8, Jl. Jend. Sudirman -
Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta 10270

Phone number : +6221 300 30 330

Open from Monday to Sunday : 12pm – 2am

Web Site: www.indochine-group.com
E-mail: phet.tea@indochine-group.com
For information about the latest events and the party pictures, check Indochine Jakarta Facebook Fan Page.

3 comments to '' Indochine Jakarta (FX Mall, Jalan Sudirman) CLOSED "

  1. Often quite empty and always very expensive, I dont really see any reason to spend any time there...

  2. This place lacks soul.