Immigrant Bar Jakarta (Plaza Indonesia) CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team

Immigrant is a new trendy place in Jakarta and, for once, it isn't just about marketing. In my opinion, Immigrant is a great nightlife spot offering good crowd, perfect location (with a superb panorama of Jakarta by night), interesting events and stylish design. It is quite big, in between Blowfish and X2, but it is full most of the time. I've been there a few times during weekends recently (July 2011), and I think it is the most happening nightclub in Jakarta at the moment.

The music can be too commercial and the crowd too posh for some people, especially during the weekend. To avoid that, you can come instead during weekdays, Wednesday is usually great for instance.

Immigrant resembles a NYC loft with vintage, industrial design and dim-lighting. The restaurant and the nightclub are well-separated from each other, so it is possible to finish your meal even after the music gets loud around midnight. Excellent steaks among other stuff.

The crowd in Immigrant is upmarket, with many expats and executives. I would say people look much older than the average club in Jakarta: If you are an expat between 25 and 40, looking for a neat party spot, this is the place you should go to (or Dragonfly).
Opening hours:
Immigrant is open everyday from 11am until late. Resident DJ from Wednesday to Saturday.

Contact details:
Immigrant Nightclub and Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia Level 6th #E02-E03
Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone number: +62-21 3983 8257-58
Reservation: +62 815 8560 1100
Email: Info@immigrant-jakarta.com

To check the events and promos:
Website: http://www.immigrant-jakarta.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/immigrant_jkt

Photos were taken on Immigrant’s Facebook public profile, it can be accessed here. You can check it also for information about the upcoming events and DJs.

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41 comments to '' Immigrant Bar Jakarta (Plaza Indonesia) CLOSED "

  1. Yes, I agree with the reviewer. Immigrant makes you feel Jakarta is getting closer and closer from becoming a truly cosmopolitan city, and I'm really proud to bring my visiting foreigner friends to Immigrant when they come to Jakarta. 5 stars for me!

  2. The best part about this club is that there are not many working girls or desperate chicks looking to escape poverty (liked your article on Asian chicks and Expats).

    Check out a much more subjective and asshole review of the place. Don't get me wrong, I liked it..but as my first clubbing in Jakarta experience, perhaps I was a bit too critical.


  3. it sounds not real and boring....

  4. I was there a wednesday at 12pm in hopes of getting the best of the place. Indeed I havent been around the block in Jakarta but this was utterly disappointing altough not as shitty as dragonfly.

    Bar was 30% occupied and tables 50%, the music was mostly 6-18mth old radio commercial house with one guy running around with a wireless mic desperately trying to get the place going.

    Very weak list of fine spirits, and prices extortionately high (200000idr for a shot of watered down single malt).

    I think the staff almost outnumbered the guests, so there's an advice, never on a weekday.

    A plus though for the interior and if they just step up with the music and you stick to the simple liquids it might be sort of a descent weekend hang for Jakarta standards.

  5. Rude Rude Rude ... Its a bar for the Indo locals with a handful of Rp's. Not exactly a place for Westerners unless your looking for tarts.

    1. It's an easy answer...you just a cheap charlie,that's it !!!

  6. not at all correct, because one immigrant's staff yelled at me so bad in front of other guests, if anyone knows the owner or the management there i wish to complain, and please let me know where to send my feedback to this rude staff. please email me here bellabhakty@live.com thanks.

  7. Its getting worse..!

  8. may i know wat r the liquor bottle rates over here? cant seem to find any info on the rates? tq

  9. The Price for Absulute Vodka Blue is 1.2 million Rp... not bad... just cominf bck frm there... gr8 crowd... awesum place to party...

  10. i went there saturday night and it was full, almost impossible to walk around. Impossible to talk to a girl, they were all snobby and arrogant, yes pretty. I think i am just too ugly cos i got nowhere with no girl i talked to.

    But having said that my friend who is fat and already 50 years old met a very beautiful girl who invited him to her table with her female friends and some gay guys which was full of bottles and he drank for free all night and took her home at the end of the night, so maybe it is only me who is unlucky there

  11. I checked out the Ladies' Night (Wednesday) a couple weeks back. Started very slowly but by 11:30 the crowd improved, although not to the point of the place being packed. But the girls that were there were stunning. And I mean ALL of them, not a single unattractive girl in the place.

    There was a special for 2 bottles Absolute Blue for 1.6M; music was good enough; service was fine.

    I will be going back on a weekend just to see if they can maintain the perfect hot-to-not ratio with a larger crowd.

  12. went thr on fri nite.hot girls around,expensive bottle 3mil,good music but daym good party..

  13. +60124861987 zed, looking for sexphone only

  14. i went there on 25/7/12 at 12am and NOT a single sole aside from that i was told it was close at 12am due to ramadhan

  15. Anyone would dance with me??? :)

  16. I was there last night(14/12/2012).. this place was hot!!!
    considering my first nightlife experience in Jakarta.. this place was better den i expected ;)
    Beautiful ladies.. though most of them were hookers.. they were friendly enough to have a nasty dance and to get naughty!!! >;)
    Drinks.. seems a lil expensive.. 160K for a double scotch seems too much..
    Music.. Disappointed me a bit.. DJ was not really keeping up the heat..
    Overall.. fun place!! I went inside alone and came out with two hot chicks to fish.. ;)
    Again it was my first experience here in Jakarta.. i m not sure whether it the best 1 or not.. i will keep posting!!!

  17. never date anyone in jakarta who clubs.. She absolutely plays and sleeps with many guys.Watch your money and heart they want what they want.

    1. So how about the guys are in there??
      What they're coming for??

      If u or they coming for only have fun,,,, n never mean to find a whore,,, so do we.,,

      I mean, don't judge all girl in club as a whore generally...

  18. I went to immigrant last night. it was a good place to chill/hang out. good interior design but need bigger dance floor. it's clean. the music is good too after 12 pm + there's a sexy dancer (not a stripper) but the drink is quite picey. my friend bought a bottle water for RP 50.000. but overall this place is alright,not bad. might come back here again. cheers mate.

  19. Never smoke, enjoy wine and sake but never drunk, and never do nightclubbing. But I've been single for 4 years now looking for a real good woman and very lonely. Now I'm starting to lose faith and curious about trying out nightlife... any advice?


  20. how much is the entry fee nowadays for immigrant, dragonfly, x2,equinox,blowfish or other club? and what are the ladies nite for those clubs?so i get see lot of girls

  21. Do they ask for our IDs or sth? i really wanna get in but i do know i'm under age ;P

  22. What is the attire? Can we wear t shirt?

  23. Hey guys, is Immigrant still open during weekdays ? How is the atmosphear ? Still amazing ? Planning to come around october 24th, and wondering whether i should come here or try dragonfly ?

  24. next week my foreigners friends wanna bring me go to there one of them any bday party but yeah thats true expatriat, foreigners, tourism, traveler, bule, etc lah know about this bar from recommended friends so many expatriat there, so yang mau punya pacar bule?

  25. It's Christmas Eve or rather Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all. Sitting at Hyatt sipping a Mojito. Looking for a travel partner here and then to Bali. Expenses on me, after all it is Christmas. Sorry guys, only girls. Tried Immigrant earlier but was told that it is closed. Not sure for tonight or.....

  26. Re_Opening of immigrant this week end !

  27. Just come from Inmigrant dinning room. I went with my wife, we both ordered but we are back home and we had to share my dinner. My wife's dinner never arrived. the waiter forgot it because he was playing with his colleagues.
    When I told him that we were still waiting for her dinner someone else came to tell us that the first one forgot it and the kitchen was closed now. He offered finger food and a miniburger.......like if we were in burger king! amazing!!
    this is unacceptable!!!
    they call the selves restaurant? waiters playing because they saw a blonde woman? forgetting the order? finger food?
    I'm sure I'm not coming back to that place!
    They don't even apologize! they think that it is normal that we go to a restaurant and we can't have dinner because their incompetence.
    What a bad service!!!

  28. Immigrant have become extremely horrible after the reopening.

    I spend NYE 2015 in Immigrant Dining Room, having Dinner Course package and continued to the club with my expat partner.

    First mistake, Dining room. They apparantly have no idea what is course dining and just serve all the plates simultaneously on the table, including the dessert. I feel like eating in Padang Restaurant with so many plates. My partner called the waiter to take back the plate to the kitchen and to do course dining appropriately but he refused saying it's kitchen order to serve. What a Bullsh!t man. We have no choice but just downed the food (talk about money wasted). The women who is sitting beside us, ask our opinion about the lamb chop, she feel it's still raw. We taste it and agree it is still raw. When we finish all the courses, we noticed that we're one dessert short. My partner then ask the waiter to bring it for 5 times but still no dessert insight. He exploded and slammed the chair and demand for the dessert which after the outburst quickly served.

    Second. Club. I'm ordering mineral water, when they came back they give me 1 liter bottle water, i refused and ask them to bring smaller portion. do they expect me to bottle up the water? the waiter refused and now i'm angry why they keep doing horrible services in 31 December nonetheless! talk about ruined moment.

    Conclusion: I used to think that Skye have the worst service, but Immigrant Dining Room and Club beat them hands down, which i think it's a feat itself.

  29. I can't meet any girl in Jakarta no matter where i go and what i do. Online it also does not work. Tinder, Indonesiancupid, Dateinasia nothing works for me.

    I'm at a loss what to do. I am a caucasian male from Holland aged 40. I like to dress nice when i go to nice places so that also is not the reason, and i have an ok job.

    I know the main reason i cannot attract any girl is because i severely lack in the self confidence department, it seems to be a big turnoff for the girls, and of course i also don't try much to talk to a girl.

    Is there sombody out here who has some advice?

    1. Here's my tip: Grow some balls and man-up. I'm an asian guy and get plenty of action in Jkt, plus don't be a cheap bitch

    2. Be more chatty... girls like a confident guy... jst gv random hi n smile n see from there... if they respond say smtg funny... girls like funy guy... good luck! 😉

    3. This is 2 years too late and I hope you're more content now where ever you are. I suspect there are some fundamental issues you might find helpful to speak to someone you can trust about. Public forum like this is not the best place to seek a ready opinion of what you should or shouldn't do. Perhaps though, as an Indonesian girl in my 30s I can speak from my experience and observation, that there is nothing more attractive than someone who can be themselves without putting a facade, i.e. why the need to talk impressive or be a comedian when you are someone who prefers to listen and able to do so well? Men like Asian confidence are alpha males with unpleasant personality traits. You sound like a much more berable person. Be happy with yourself first then you can make someone else happy with you. Finally, not all of us are destined to be with someone. Sometimes, it is better and happier to be alone than alone in a relationship. The very best luck to you.

  30. @AsianConfidence - The man was asking for advice not your irrelevant bitching. Looks like you grew your balls in upper chamber. Be humble next time

  31. I love the music at immigrant!

  32. Im taking my husband for the first time to jakarta in a few months and i want to take him to go clubbing. Is anyone know how to book a table/bottle service and how much? Thank you

  33. Immigrant will be awesome. For sofa, min charge around 4 mio idr (non event nights).

  34. Me too.. too bad my friends don't really like it there

  35. Everyone - never ever visit this place. Do not support places like this. Below is my experience:

    I went there to the Club last weekend with my family. There were some guys who were disturbing our sisters. We informed The bouncers of The club about it and they assured us that they will take action against those guys. They asked us not to take our own actions. We respected that.

    However then we realised nothing was done. Instead of kicking those guys out of The club security were focusing on us. The guys continued to disturb our girls. We decided to leave this place immediately. We complained to every security personnel there but no one did anything.

    For a supposedly high class club that charges premium rates, we never expected this. We demanded to speak to the manager but no one really cared. Even other customers were not sparred. They were also complaining about these guys but nothing was done. I even asked them to check the CCTV but obviously this was not done.

    Please please do not support this place. If you want a place that does not respect their customers, where they don't respect their women, then this is the place. I will spend my money elsewhere. We came to have a good time but left feeling terrible. The management will lose customers if this continues. You will not feel safe here guys. This is not a place to bring your loved ones.