Dangdut bar... You may want to go there if you like or if you want to discover Dangdut music... if you are a single male looking for love, you may also find 40 something woman eager to teach you how to dance in rythm.

"Deco is OK outside with a strange balcony, tables under umbrella, breathing the polluted air of a big street. The inside is quite surprising, as a basic dangdut club". SZ

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Iguana Dangdut Bar
Hotel Menteng I
Jl. R.P. Soeroso No. 28
Jakarta Pusat 10330

Fax: +6221 3144151
Tel: +6221 3100312, 31925208 (ext-118)

E-mail: info.menteng1@mentenghotel.com
Website: Iguana in Hotel Menteng

2 comments to '' Iguana Live Dangdut Bar (Hotel Menteng, Jalan R.P. Soeroso, Menteng) "

  1. Lively later than 10 pm.
    Waitress request small gratuity despite nothing service but just sit down and take a nap aside me.

  2. Is this the same as the former Hotmen Bar?