Comment from Rak: "Hard Rock Cafe is not really in Plaza Indonesia but in the X center next door. But now I see my list also shows Plaza Indonesia. I used to go to HR when it was over the road in the Sarinah Thamrin Building and it was pretty good for a while back then in the early 90s, sometimes with excellent live music. I once saw BB King, with a table right at the front a few metres from the big man.

Update June 2011: I went to Hard Rock Café Jakarta for the first time in 6 years... It is not so bad actually: The waiters (except for one) were all quite funky with their tattoos and piercing, the design of the venue is great, especially the podium for the bands in the middle of the room, and the prices are high, but not a rip-off (cocktails around Rp90k, Bintang Draught around Rp45k++). I was not there late enough to see the live music though, but I can imagine it must be nice. Surprisingly, the clients on that day were all foreigners.

I took a few photos:

Opening Hours:
From Monday to Thursday: 11am to 2am
Friday and Saturday from 11am to 3pm

Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta
Plaza Indonesia
Entertainment X'nter, 2n floor (in front of Celebrity Fitness)
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 13
Phone number: +62-21 3199 0164 or +62-21-3199 0160
Website (for menu, but no prices, photos and events):
Facebook: Hard Rock Café Jakarta

7 comments to '' Hard Rock Café Jakarta (Inside EX, near Plaza Indonesia) "

  1. Yeah we been there tonight, worst hardrock cafe ever! First you have to q at the entrance where the guy takes first drink order, after you managed to enter place another q is waiting for you where you have to pay for your first drinks (2 mocktail is 200++) and if you wanna eat something you have to start all over...

    Place is too small but speakers are damn big, you can't even hear what you thinking... also not enough space to seat where they dun warn you before entering place...

    so totally sucks...

  2. Glad i always go there with my friends who befriend with the security or their PR, have no difficulties to find a good table since it's not even crowded and we always order foods.
    But, i have to admit i won't go here without any special event, they plays quite random playlist which sometimes quite annoyed me.

  3. I have been to many Hard Rock Cafes worldwide. Every place has perfect food and nice and attentive waiters. But in Jakarta the food sucks 100% - 4 of us complained about the food, cold, raw, no taste. The waiters were really slow and unfriendly. Very bad compared to their worldwide standard.

  4. you should try the steak...the double combo or triple combo..the ribs is just awesome,,,(in my opinion)

  5. had lunch here on 28/7/12 (ramadhan month), the tables for dinning are at the front of the stage not sure if that is a good idea it doesn't give u room to dance or go wild. the bar is not bad but it was dead even at 12am.

  6. This place sucks badly. Nothing like the old Hard Rock in Sarinah which used to be great. Total crap and don't waste your time... even for a family meal which seems to be what it is most popular for now. Hard what???

  7. It's closed, will be opened in pasific place in may 2013