Grand Manhattan Hotel Bar (Hotel Borobudur)

By The Jakarta Team
Inside the Borobudur Hotel, this is one of the oldest bars in Jakarta though it has been renovated since I first visited in 2007. It's mostly a place with Indonesian people, including government employees. The live band will play a mix of international and local songs everyday from Monday to Saturday night. You will also find a KTV.

Grand Manhattan Club
Hotel Borobudur Jakarta
East Wing Lapangan Banteng Selatan
Jakarta 10710, Indonesia
Tel. : + 6221 384 2223

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 03.00pm to 02.00am
Friday to Saturday 03.00pm to 03.00am

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  3. Thanks sudah mempromosikan tempat kami... tapi kini GM's Bar telah renovasi dan berganti nama dengan GM's Cafe [ klik ]

    Grand Manhattan Club