The bar in the Hotel Borobudur. It's mostly a place with Indonesian people. The live band will play a mix of international and local songs everyday from Monday to Saturday night. I find it a bit dark but I love the retro decoration (i don't think they did it on purpose though), much nicer than a lot of more modern places in Jakarta.

"Has a good live band on Friday evening and a very friendly atmosphere, mix of chinese, hotel customers, prostitutes, Indonesians and expats. Sometimes empty, sometimes full. Bar as surprising as unpredictable". Review from SZ.
Grand Manhattan Club
Hotel Borobudur Jakarta
East Wing Lapangan Banteng Selatan
Jakarta10710, Indonesia
Tel. : + 6221 384 2223
Fax. : + 6221 3835097

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 03.00pm to 02.00am
Friday to Saturday 03.00pm to 03.00am

It has a website that you should check for all information about events and facilities : Grand Manhattan Night Club Jakarta

The large function room has a 1000 persons capacity and is used for special events, including clubbing and concerts:

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  3. Thanks sudah mempromosikan tempat kami... tapi kini GM's Bar telah renovasi dan berganti nama dengan GM's Cafe [ klik ]

    Grand Manhattan Club